Cover Flowers by CC Lee Designs for Alexys Tjhia & Alex Leong's wedding

These top floral studios can create bespoke bridal bouquets and transform your wedding venue; plus you can view their portfolios online too

Floral decor is indispensable for every wedding. No matter the venue, these embellishments help to bring your dream wedding to life, from a tropical-themed wedding at the beach or a quaint ceremony adorned with wildflowers. They even set the backdrop for the beautiful images that you will look back on in years to come—so it goes without saying that the artistry of your florist is of utmost importance.

On the lookout for your wedding florist? We round up some of the most popular floral studios in Singapore, and what they are best at.

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Fiore Dorato

Fiore Dorato’s floral arrangements are designed to leave an impression. Inspired by European floral designers, there’s a sense of grandeur and glamour to the florist’s lavish set-ups, whether it is a grand banquet or an intimate lunch reception. A clever use of layers and dimensions bring every scene to life.

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CC Lee Designs

Specialising in transforming hotel ballrooms, CC Lee Designs is best for their classic, romantic or vintage floral arrangements. The florist creates everything from cascading floral installations to artistic centrepieces, using a soft palette of colours to craft a dreamy and elegant backdrop to your wedding.

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Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio’s design aesthetic is inspired by nature. It doesn’t strive to be uniform or neat—instead, the flower studio tries to emulate how these flowers and foliage grow in the wild. Expect unexpected flower combinations and whimsical arrangements, perfect for a rustic or botanical themed wedding.

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Humid House

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding, there's botanical design studio Humid House (nope, they don't call themselves florists). Their hugely popular floral creations border on the avant-garde, and are a favourite with local creatives. Floral arrangements are sculptural, with the occasional appearance of tropical fruits like pineapples and watermelon. The studio also runs the Floral Concierge at Straits Clan.

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Creative and versatile, Beato boasts an extensive selection of seasonal and exotic flowers—from destinations like Ethiopia, Kenya, Ecuador, and Japan—to transform your wedding venue. The flower studio has a flair for vibrant colour palettes that are glamorous and eye-catching.