Cover The first kiss of Eric Sy Uy and Reena Tee as a newlywed couple, amid friends and family

Eric Sy Uy and Reena Tee finally tie the knot amid the pandemic in a gorgeous nature-filled venue at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club after being in a long-distance relationship for years

Distance had kept Eric Sy Uy and Reena Tee apart since 2012 when Reena had to move to Hong Kong to pursue her career. The couple took their time to grow, as they both seemed to understand each other’s needs. “He respected [the decision], that’s why it took some time before we got [married].

After a few years, we both knew that we would eventually need to think of how to close the gap. Eric proposed to me in 2019, near the place where he grew up in Bavaria, at Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze,” Reena shared.

The couple had envisioned an intimate wedding, surrounded by vineyards and greeneries, in the south of France in September 2020. However, the pandemic compelled them to change their plans to a safer time for travelling since most of their guests would have to fly from different parts of the world.

Reena couldn’t help but share her dismay when she first realised that the original plan had to be postponed. “It was a lot of ups and downs and uncertainties. It also didn’t help that we were both separated for nine months as I was in Hong Kong [and] Eric was in Manila. When our original wedding was postponed, we were both disappointed. I think that has pushed us to revise our plans and make this Manila wedding possible.”

Despite being thwarted by the effects of Covid-19, Eric and Reena found a safe and brilliant way to continue the celebration in an equally captivating scenery situated within the country, Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club.

Having a wedding amid a pandemic is ultimately challenging. But the couple expressed their gratitude to their detail-oriented wedding planner, Jenny Lim. “From the moment I landed back in Manila, we had exactly three weeks [to plan the wedding].

We initially planned to just have our immediate families together for the ceremony and have a simple dinner. [But Jenny] said, ‘it was still a wedding,
so let’s make it nice and beautiful’, and it turned out to be more than what we have expected.”

They were also thankful for the helpful events team headed by Frances Duque at Pico Sands Hotel who ensured a safe and fun celebration for everyone.

Apart from their initial plans of having a nature-filled wedding venue, the couple also considered everyone’s safety. “We wanted to make sure that it [was] safe for everyone to gather. That’s the reason why we wanted a garden ceremony and reception so that there is a natural airflow. Everyone enjoyed it and thought it was a breath of fresh air literally and figuratively! We [also] kept our guest count to a minimum and had everyone tested on-site including all
of our suppliers.”

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Their set designer Gideon Hermosa certainly fulfilled the couple’s dream of having a nature-filled wedding venue: during the wedding ceremony, the venue was abundant with greenery, peonies, and roses; and in the evening, glistening lights trailed across the long table. Reena was glad at how it turned out.

“We were wondering why we have not seen so many weddings done there before. We thought it’s a perfect venue to have wedding celebrations, especially during these times. It’s actually just next to the beach, so you have that soft breeze coming from the ocean and it is surrounded by trees, so it is not that
hot if you have events there in the afternoon.”

After the ceremony, the newlyweds took photos together at sunset, sauntering along the wooden deck by the beach, etching memories to last a lifetime.

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  • PhotographyRandolf Evan