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Brides and grooms of 2020: here are some wedding inspiration for next year

Lovebirds who are about to tie the knot next year have a lot to be excited for. 2020 marks the beginning of the next decade, bringing with it a breath of fresh air and new perspectives. To get a taste of what 2020 will bring, we ask Singapore's wedding experts—Lelian Chew, founder of The Wedding Atelier and The Floral Atelier; Brenda Lee, founder and director of florist Fiore Dorato; Kelvin Koh, wedding photographer and founder of Lightedpixels Photography; and Poh Han Siong, principal photographer and director of AllureWeddings—to share their forecast of the wedding trends to know in the coming year.

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A personal touch

“Everyone is talking about 2020 being the year of individuality. It is not as though this wasn’t common in the past, but I think there’s going to be a stronger push for this next year,” says Lelian. From bridal outfits to alternative venues, millennial couples are increasingly steering away from “the norm” and opting for a wedding that is true to their love story.

“Brides are asking for more specific flowers to be incorporated, even hiding objects in their bouquets that have meaning to them,” Brenda observes.

“We find that many couples are becoming their own DIY film-makers. They would pass us footages from their own proposals, travels, and vlogs. Videos are becoming more personal, and we really love that,” Han says.

Kelvin agrees: “It's all about personalisation now. No one wants a cookie-cutter type of photoshoot, and it will continue to be a lot more experiential. The ‘feel’ of the image is as important or perhaps even more important than the technical aspect, and the current trend of dark, moody colours may (finally) fade away."

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Bold and vibrant

Weddings no longer have to be white, pink, or pastel. “When it comes to weddings, usually the colour scheme would be quite soft and romantic, but this year, we saw a lot of bolder colours. Even in terms of bridal dresses, brides are becoming a little bit more adventurous, going for jewelled tones instead of white or even blush,” Lelian said.

And with Pantone announcing Classic Blue as the colour of 2020, we may be expecting true blue weddings next year. Brenda predicts that it will be especially popular for spring.

“This colour scheme includes Pantone's Purist Blue and Neo-mint to create the ultimate blue palette, juxtaposed with the greens of spring to make your wedding decorations truly stand out. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, playing with both elegance and suppleness.”

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From pre-wedding photography and videography to wedding ceremonies, couples are looking outside of the little red dot.

“With the world getting smaller, and travel becoming more affordable, I think destination pre-wedding videography will increasingly become a key consideration. This wedding journey has to be unforgettable for any couple,” Han forecasts.

And while destination pre-wedding photography has always been popular, Kelvin shares that “couples are more willing to travel to more exotic locations, and wedding photos are getting less contrived than ever before.”

His tip for deciding on a location? “That the location and theme are timeless, and that the shoot best represents them and their young legacy as a couple. It should continue to inspire them and those who are looking at the images for years to come.”

Destination weddings have also become very popular for Singaporean couples.

“It’s something that has been quite popular outside of Singapore for some time, and we are starting to see an increase in enquiries from our Singapore clientele,” Lelian notes.

“This ties back to individuality—there's no better way to express how different and unique your wedding is than by changing up the venue. You can only do so much if it’s going to be another ballroom in Singapore.”

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Think green

More than just a passing trend, sustainability has been a key movement in recent years, from travel to dining. According to Brenda and Lelian, being green and eco-friendly will be big for weddings globally in 2020 as well.

“It could be thinking up of ways to use the same venue for different events, such as turning around the solemnisation space for the dinner reception,” Lelian says.

“We’ve also just started an Eternity range—treated flowers that are fresh and can last for two years—because we were hearing from brides that they feel so bad that the flowers die or get thrown away the night after the wedding.”

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Creative tech

With the advancement and increasing accessibility of technology, couples have been upping the ante on their wedding entertainment, decor, and also actual-day wedding videography.

Image-mapping on wedding cakes; photo booths that generate holograms, 360 time-stop images, and gifs; or a social media live feed display are not unheard of, and we’ll definitely see couples getting more creative in 2020.

Han cites 360 cameras, mini drones or go-pro mounts as gadgets used by couples to provide more options for film-making.

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“Having said that, we are toying with two alternative ways of wedding documentary. One is live streaming (not live feed), the other is first-person view (FPV) drones, which are unfortunately not permitted in Singapore,” he shares.

“We feel that both are fun and haven't really been explored yet, and they serve as great alternative storytelling tools.”