There was even a five-feet ice sculpture that resembled the groom

While millennial couples increasingly opt for intimate and casual wedding celebrations, one couple has decided to make their big day extra special by embracing the classics. When doctor Mark Twoon, 30, and marketing director Wynn Pang, 29, wedded on October 26 last year, their union was feted with a weekend of celebrations—from a church solemnisation to a black-tie dinner banquet with two after-parties.

It was a wedding fitting of the extravagantly romantic proposal Mark had planned for Wynn in the winter of 2018, when they had travelled to Spain for her 27th birthday.

“The morning after we arrived, Mark woke me up at 5 am decked out in a three-piece suit. All he said to me was ‘Forever starts now’, before he left the room. Half an hour later, I was escorted by our personal butler to a limousine and chauffeured to an unknown location, where I found myself standing on a cliff overlooking Barcelona. It was a sight to behold!” Wynn recalled.

“With the sun beaming down on my face, Mark appeared, got down on his knee and as they say, the rest is history. The proposal was really meaningful for me and it is still etched in my memory.”

Theme and Concept

Planning the wedding can often be a trigger for disagreements, but the couple, who had known each other for six years before their two-year courtship, were on the same page from the start.

“Perhaps through our similar taste and experiences in life, both Wynn and I have always imagined our wedding to be one that was classy and elegant, yet ethereal,” Mark explained.

They decided upon a traditional church solemnisation and lunch reception at The Bible Church Singapore on the first day, and on the next, a cocktail reception, formal dinner banquet, and after-party at Capella Singapore. A second after-party at Zouk marked the end of a celebratory weekend.

Working with wedding planner Vivian from Lejoy (previously Our Fairytale Wedding) and floral designers Hari and Steven from Boenga, Mark and Wynn decided upon an understated palette of white and green, featuring wispy clouds of baby’s breath and foliage for both their solemnisation and dinner banquet.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where our guests could be transported away from the hustle and bustle of life. Given that it was also a black-tie event, everyone came dressed to the nines and this certainly contributed to the atmosphere!”

The unified theme allowed the eco-conscious couple to reuse the floral decor from their solemnisation for the banquet, which transformed the ballroom at Capella into an ethereal garden. The flowers were also repurposed into customised bouquets that guests could bring home as favours.


The entertainment for the night was provided by Matilda De Silva and the Summertime Hotshots from High Notes, though Wynn shares that one of her favourite highlights was Mark’s duet with his father, Twoon Kok Yam, senior vice president of Benoi Yard at ST Engineering Marine.

“I was definitely not expecting him to take on more stage time than necessary—let alone put on a performance! That was a truly memorable and touching moment because I know he did it for us and to create a special memory we could both look back on and laugh about.”

Mark, like most grooms, shared that his most memorable moment from the wedding was seeing Wynn in her stunning Lorenzo Rossi gown. But he was in for another surprise when an ice sculpture modelled after him became the statement piece of the after-party.

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“As a running family tradition, we had a salacious ice sculpture gifted by my elder brother—a five-feet sculpture resembling Mark, which guests were made to drink shots of hard liquor from. It was safe to say that no one walked out sober,” Wynn explained.

"To say that it was a party-starter would definitely be an understatement. But that was definitely an item I would remember for the ages,” Mark added.

  • LocationCapella Singapore, The Bible Church Singapore
  • ProductionLejoy
  • FloristBoenga
  • PhotographyPixioo, Morden
  • VideographyAndroids In Boots
  • OutfitBride: Lorenzo Rossi, Stitch by Stitch Co; Groom: Joe’s Tailoring
  • Make-UpRoswitha Camaro