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Give more thought to your decor and how you capture special moments for posterity. These wedding professionals in Singapore provide some expert counsel

There’s plenty to consider when planning your wedding. But many couples overlook the minor details, which, experts say, can make the biggest difference if you want a celebration that you’ll cherish always. But what should you prioritise? These experts weigh in with their advice. 

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1. Be original

“Brides often try to replicate inspiration,” says Brenda Lee, founder of Fiore Dorato. It is something she often sees when clients order floral arrangements for their big day. However, she often advises clients to keep an open mind instead. “It’s nearly impossible to recreate an image exactly, so my advice is to be comfortable with the fact that all your inspirations will be used as a mood board for a new interpretation.”

2. Try new floral ideas

There are plenty of ways to set your big day apart from typical weddings while keeping it on-trend, too. “Eco-friendly weddings are big this year—you can add a touch of creativity by displaying floral centrepieces in glass vases and repurposing them as gifts for your bridal party, guests or even as donations for the elderly at hospices,” she suggests. Alternatively, swap out flowers for small potted plants. “Herbs and succulents work well as interesting alternatives to flowers.”

You do not have to sacrifice elegance either, as less can often be more. One way to create a minimal yet elegant aesthetic is to use one main colour for your blossoms. “Choose flowers of the same shade, or accentuate one main colour with greenery,” advises Lee.

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3. Tell a good story

When it comes to wedding videography, Han, the founder of AllureWeddings, typically encounters two types of couples. “The first are the ones that go for wholesome storytelling [with a] cinematic approach. These couples usually enjoy the candid interviews we do with their friends and family. The video has to be about them and their journey of love,” he explains. The other type of couple loves standing out and having a bit of fun with elements such as flash mobs and social live streams. “They want to stand out, entertain their guests and ensure that the night is unforgettable.”

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The right floral arrangements can impress, but whether you choose vibrant colours or romantic pastels, it should always reflect your taste and personality.
Brenda Lee, founder, Fiore Dorato

4. Trust your video team

And while both types of couples prefer bespoke videos, it’s important to know what it entails before you commission one. “Trust your crew early, and open yourselves up; tell us how much you love each other or how bitter your quarrels can be. We need these insights to craft a film that epitomises you,” Han says. It is advice that more couples are taking to heart, especially with the increasing availability of consumer cameras such as mini drones, GoPro mounts and 360-degree cameras. “Couples are becoming D-I-Y filmmakers; they pass us footage from their proposals, travels and vlogs,” muses Han, who personally loves these personal touches.

It’s important to pick a great storyteller to edit your wedding films. Regardless of trends, what remains unchanged is the videographer’s ability to tell an engaging story that captures the essence of your union.
Poh Han Siong, founder, AllureWeddings

“For us to tell your story, we need to understand both of you. Don’t open up to us to the end of your banquet,” he adds. Han also cautions couples against settling for same-day edits. “These videos are all the rage, where a videographer shows up on the wedding day, captures what he sees and creates a highlight for you.” Instead, he recommends communicating with the videography team that you want to engage so that immersive videos can be made for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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