The newlywed reveals the story behind her two bridal gowns, her beauty secrets and how she kept cool planning her big day.

When Angelyn Chong comes to mind, people fondly refer to her as the sophisticated lady with an impeccable taste, mixing luxury-labels with high-street designers. Combined with her love for makeup through her cosmetics brand PAINTed, Angelyn’s got her entire look down to pat.

 When she got married to Mah Kok Wah last month, the two dresses she wore and carried with grace further established her unique style identity, and will remain the crowning moment of her style repertoire.

Aside from the unforgettable wedding looks, the couple was very much hands-on with planning a beautiful wedding reception that took place in St Regis. Kok Wah was involved in the early parts of securing the venue, wedding planner and production team. Angelyn lent her lady’s touch, in charge of decorations, settings, and events of the night, taking care to keep expenses at a minimum to achieve maximum results.

“I learnt that you need to know what you want before anyone else can do what you want.”

Fresh off her wedding high, Angelyn offers a romantic account of how she came upon the two talked-about bridal gowns, plus an exclusive guide to planning a successful wedding.

Tell us how you came upon your two wedding dresses.
“The first dress is an Ines Di Santo from The Proposal bridal shop in Singapore. A friend recommended it so Kok Wah and I paid it a visit. We meant to stop by before leaving for the airport. After trying numerous brands, a gown tucked behind the shop finally caught my attention. It caught Kok Wah’s eye too and when I tried it on, that was the one.
My second dress is from Kevolie Bridal Shop in Hong Kong – Interesting story: The dress I wanted to try was loaned for a runway show when I visited but to my luck, it was returned just as I was about to leave the store! I tried the dress, and the size and look was almost perfect! I chose silver instead as my first gown was already white.”

Did you already have a certain dress style in mind? How did you choose these designs?
“My first dress was spontaneous; I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted then, but I wanted a gown with a big puffy skirt. The intricate details of pearls, beads, and lace details are also my favourite. The dress fit that requirement, and suddenly we were at the cashier paying for it – there were no regrets.

I had a better idea of the kind of evening gown I wanted for my second dress – something very ‘blinged’ up, with long sleeves and a high collar. I love the fitting, the colour, and of course, the sparkle. The dress I got was exactly that!”

What was the makeup for your big day?
“I went with a dewy, natural makeup in the morning, and popped it up with a bright lipstick from my brand, PAINTed in ‘Reddy Warhol’. For the evening, I had on a smokey eye with nude coloured lips for the first dress, and then wine red lips for the second dress.”

 Did you follow a beauty regime leading up to the wedding?
“I adhered to a routine two months before the wedding, visiting a new beautician every two weeks to help smoothen my skin texture. I also applied face masks almost daily.”

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800_D4Z6927.jpg (original size)Angelyn played a big part with decorations and table settings of the dinner reception

Tell us about the venue and setting of your wedding in St. Regis.
“Kok Wah decided on the location, he had already contacted and booked them before the hotel was ready. I never had a ‘dream wedding’ – a wedding is meant to be something beautiful and fun and I wanted it to be that for everyone.” 

Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?
“I got inspiration from photos I looked up online. I like mirrors so that was one of it. Flowers in weddings are a must, too. We preferred easy but effective decorations. There were some ideas I helped create, like the mirrored aisle runner, and the hanging coins with flowers on the ceiling. Although there were some objections, it all worked out and made a difference.”

 How would you describe the end effect of your wedding?
“A magical wedding that is a feast for the eyes, from top to bottom. We wanted guests to feel comfortable and just have fun. Which was why we only had two speeches, and a dance-in by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.” 

800_D4Z7388 copy.jpg (original size)Ornate floral decorations and mirrors were among the decorative features in the ballroom 

With your wedding planning experience, what’s your advice to other bride-to-be’s?
“Get a wedding planner and vendors you can trust and can deliver to save you time and minimise the stress. Get as much feedback from the services you want to get before hiring them. Check and verify their previous work with others. And don’t be too particular about prices because it’s the results that are your end goal. Be sure of what you want and all else will follow.

On the wedding day itself, rehearsals are vital! Make sure there is enough time. Factor in the agenda lined up or a particular arrangement for walk-ins (which we had), and to top that off, you still have to make time for makeup and hair! Ultimately, hire a good wedding team to let you be a bride for a day.

Take lots of pictures with your own phone or camera. Make sure photographers or other people take photos of you and your family.

Do not rely entirely on your photographers to capture photos you want, try to capture the important ones on your own, to be safe, because you can expect up to two months before receiving all the professional photos.” 

Photos by: Amazing Group & KEDAZ Photography

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