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Emcee and TV personality Serena C. shares how she navigates pregnancy and a thyroid condition during lockdown

The year 2020 meant different things to different people.

Most found the transition challenging, a few thrived in the face of change. I, too, tried with all my might to ride the wave of "successful pivoting", in order to emerge stronger in the new normal. Just like the many phases of MCOs, life dealt me my very own set of unique new adventures.

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MCO 1.0

During the first lockdown, I had just found out that I had the auto-immune version of hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Eye disease. To figure this out required a lot of time and expenses.

The movement restriction order provided me the convenience of working from home, less social interactions, and uninterrupted, frequent visits to the hospital to figure out my course of treatment, though I was constantly exposed to the outside because of these visits. The hospital bills were stacking up, and my work, like many others in my field, was beginning to dwindle. I relaunched my YouTube channel to create video content to try to add value wherever I could.

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Photo: Courtesy of Serena C
Above Photo: Courtesy of Serena C

An unexpected blessing

During the CMCO and RMCO, going to the hospital was by now a routine, sometimes, seeing up to three doctors in a day.

Then I found out that I was pregnant: a miracle in my endocrinologist's eyes. According to him, pregnancy is not just almost impossible when Thyroid levels are unstable, it is THE best thing that could happen for its hormone 'calming' qualities. I was advised to get off all meds and let nature do its work.

My 'mood' was on the low side as the Thyroid meds had brought me from Hyper to Hypo (a state where getting out of bed to be productive was quite a feat), but I was SURE this meant brighter days were in the horizon.

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MCO 2.0

Now that the anxieties that came with being in a high risk first trimester (because of thyroid and my age) were behind me, I could now focus on nurturing Baby #2. Thyroid levels had balanced out as expected, and hospital visits were a little more spaced out.

I finally started opening up to talk about my thyroid journey and the many treatment possibilities in the hope that this could help others. The episodes are available on my YouTube channel.

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CMCO 2.0 and beyond

My path to delivery looks smooth sailing for now, and I am doing everything in my power to make sure Baby #2 is safe—and that Chloe is having as balanced a homeschooling life as possible.

Sure, this was not what I envisioned my 'successful pivoting' would look like. But are all these blessings? I'd like to think we design our lives and by choosing to mark these milestones as blessings, I am opening myself up to more.

I recently listened to Tony and Sage Robbins Fireside chat about the past year, Covid, how the world has changed, and how we have changed. This is my takeaway: find the blessings, be a blessing, you will be blessed. No matter what life throws at you, I hope you find blessings in everything.

How are you designing your life?

Mine is looking pretty good from where I'm standing and I can't wait to mould the next chapter!

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