As a passionate dancer and a mother of two, the avid philanthropist also brings hope to cancer patients in Hong Kong

With her contagious smile and cheerfulness, Anne Wang-Liu is a natural philanthropist who has already made significant impact in Hong Kong with her charitable work. As a member of the board of governors for Hong Kong Ballet and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, and co-chair of the Hong Kong Ballet Guild, there is no doubt as for why Anne is nominated for the Women of Hope Awards this year.

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“I am always happy to talk to others,” said Anne, “I think it’s important for people in Hong Kong to pause for a little moment and just think about how you can help people.”

Not only is Anne a passionate ballet dancer, she has also dedicated much of her time to support the operations of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, a centre on the grounds of Tuen Mun Hospital that offers free social and psychological support to patients affected by cancer. We had a chat with Anne about what bringing hope to others means to her.

What does Women of Hope mean to you?

As a mother of two daughters, it’s important for me to be a role model for them. Being nominated for this award means a lot to me as my daughters will be able to see that what I have been doing is impactful, and I hope it will also inspire them to contribute to society someday.

They have been very supportive of my work. They voted for me for the Women of Hope award and also help out regularly with all my philanthropic work. They often volunteer and perform at the Nutcracker Benefit as well as the Fayre of St John’s.

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What is the most important lesson that you can teach your daughters?

It is important for women to have a vision. They should have a dream and always remember that they are capable of accomplishing their goals. Be happy, enjoy themselves and live life to the fullest.

What is the most unforgettable charity project you’ve ever worked on?

There are many, but the most unforgettable projects will always be the Nutcracker Benefit which is one of the main family-friendly charity events in Hong Kong, and the Fayre of St John’s as we often invite the choir at the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre to carol and cancer patients to tell their stories at the event.

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What are you most passionate about as a philanthropist? And what do you hope to achieve?

Healthcare. I would love to help find a cure for cancer. For cancer patients, I want to give them the emotional support they need and offer them a peaceful hideout, like Maggie’s Cancer Centre, to get through their battle.

I am also a passionate dancer myself, which is why I’ve been supporting the ballet development in Hong Kong. In today’s world, many people are glued to their smart devices, so I think it's important to let youngsters know that there are so many more interesting things out there that warrant their attention.

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You are juggling many roles as a philanthropist and mother—can you share some time management tips that you swear by?

I try to keep a very organised schedule. Whenever I am running late, I make sure I keep people informed about my status because I don’t like to keep people waiting. I like to respect other people’s time and I try to stay on top of my schedule as much as possible.

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