Nuggets you might have missed from our Generation T celebrations.

How would you celebrate 50 of the brightest individuals in Singapore? 

Here at Tatler, we pride ourselves on knowing how to throw a good celebration, so a great after-party was to be expected. But as the connector for movers and shakers in Singapore, we also wanted to create a space for dialogue that was useful and relevant for our talented and ambitious Generation T-listers.

Curious to know more? Here's what really went down during our celebration. 

Oon Shu An

For the pre-party session, our Generation T-listers were specially invited to a closed-door panel session with industry heavyweights at Pan Pacific Singapore. Host/Actress, Oon Shu An, was our Guest Social Media Editor for the night and we went 'live' on Facebook.

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Aki Eguchi, bar programme director at Jigger & Pony

What's a great event without drinks? Jigger & Pony, in collaboration with Glenfiddich, created three cocktails inspired by Generation T. The GenTipples: Whisky Pear Sour, Chocolate Negroni and The 18, all used Glenfiddich’s premium whiskies as a base.

P.S. Want to recreate it at home? Find the recipe here.


From left to right: Tan Szue Hann, Grégoire Blanche, Daryl Neo, Gillian Tee, Gan Guoyi and Benjamin Mah

After a warm welcome by features writer and Generation T project editor, Chong Seow Wei, the session kicked off with five of our listers (Benjamin Mah of V-Key, Daryl Neo of Handshakes, Gan Guoyi of Jigger & Pony, Gillian Tee of Homage, and Tan Szue Hann of Surbana Jurong) being honoured as Cartier's Bright Sparks, in recognition of their contributions to their various fields. They were each gifted a monogrammed pen by Mr. Grégoire Blanche, Regional Managing Director of Cartier.

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Indra Kantano (left) and Pocket Sun


Ron Sim

For the first panel, industry experts Stefanie Yuen Thio of TSMP Corporation and Ron Sim of Osim, joined Benjamin Mah, Daryl Neo, Pocket Sun of SoGal Ventures and Indra Kantono of Jigger & Pony, to weigh in on innovation and entrepreneurship.

It turned out to be a fated encounter of sorts for panelist Daryl Neo, as he shared that not only did he not expect Ron Sim to be on the same panel as he was, Mr. Sim was one of the big reasons why he first started Handshakes as he had been inspired by how Osim had evolved over time.

Shashank Dixit (left), Cherilyn Tan (centre) and Bjorn Low (right)


Head of Generation T Asia, Tamara Lamunière (left) and Executive Chairman of Edipresse Media Asia, Michel Lamunière (right)

For the second session, Richard Eu of Eu Yan Sang and Ho Ching Lin of Singapore National Eye Centre, as well as our listers: Tan Szue Hann, Shashank Dixit of DeskeraCherilyn Tan of Asia Law Network, Arrif Ziaudeen of Chope and Bjorn Low of Edible Garden City, were invited to share their thoughts on leadership and staying ahead of the curve.

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When the sticky issue of working with millennials and how they had a bad rep for job-hopping came up, it was nice to see the speakers defending their younger colleagues. "I'll be worried if someone stays in the same job, doing the same thing day in and out, for two years. In MNCs, you have job rotations, so why not offer the same option in a smaller company as well?" asks Cherilyn Tan. Arrif Ziaudeen agreed, saying it's heartening to see many of his millennial hires growing along with Chope. "If they're challenged and growing, they'll stay," he says.


Chermaine Pang

After the panel sessions, our guests adjourned to jazz nightclub Lulu's Lounge for the after-party. Out front, a snazzy Lamborghini Huracán was parked and our Singapore Tatler friends couldn't resist snapping a shot or two with the beauty.


Generation T-listers Danon Gabriel The (second from left) and Cherilyn Tan (third from left) with guests

Calista Chua, Dyon Foo

Of course, the must-visit pit stop had to be our gorgeous photo wall. It was such hot property that we overheard some society folk grumbling about how certain groups of 'young people' seemed to be endlessly hogging the limelight. Well, you know what they say—it didn't happen unless it was on Instagram!

Primed for pampering: Hand massages at the Sulwhasoo station


Loh May Han (left) and Adrian Ng (right)

A massage and beauty consultation in a club? Why not! Expert Sulwhasoo therapists were on hand to soothe aches and pains away. Ahhh... the tough life.


Did you know: 2017 Generation T lister Tan Szue Hann and 2016 Generation T lister Hunn Wai were schoolmates

Interactive screens were set up around the venue so guests could find out more about the 50 talented individuals who made our list.

Of his nicely shot mug, Alex Chew of AR Restaurant Group and Ultra Singapore gleefully exclaimed that he "still looks 17", while jokingly ribbing business partner, Raj Datwani, for not looking as stellar next to him. Alex, be nice!


Some of the delicious light bites served at Lulu's Lounge

Glenfiddich served up some of their best whiskies

Ready, set, selfie!

Guests enjoyed free-flow sparkling and still water from Pureté

Roving photographers capturing moments as they happen

As guests enjoyed free-flow drinks from Glenfiddich, Peroni and Pureté, they also got trigger-happy thanks to the selfie lights (which were one of our door gifts), as well as the roving cameras.

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Rosalyn Lee

After a short video introduction of what Generation T is about, host for the night, DJ Rosalyn Lee invited Sukki Singapora on stage for her special performance.

So titillating (yes, pun totally intended) Sukki's performance was, that some society friends could not resist sneaking photos and videos of her dance, despite Rozz's announcement that no photos were allowed, and several preventive attempts by the Singapore Tatler team.

Surprise! ShiGGa Shay started rapping in the middle of Sukki Singapora's performance

What everyone definitely wasn't expecting, was for Shigga Shay to suddenly jump on stage and start rapping in the middle of a Shirley Bassey song. Burlesque and rap may sound like total opposites, but the crowd went wild the moment they saw the magic unfold.

Given their chemistry on stage, it's surprising to hear that their collaboration was worked out mostly over the phone due to their busy schedules—save for the one rehearsal they had on the day of the Generation T party.

The steamy performance ended with Sukki doing a striptease and the crowd's raucous (and perhaps, pleasantly surprised?) cheers.

Mae Tan (center)

The party officially ended at 10pm (it was a school night!), but many stayed on to till 11pm and later.

After all, in the words of Adrian Ng, our Generation T event was probably "the party of the year"!

Catch some of the night's highlights below.

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