Gen.T honouree Martine Ho on building a brand and the importance of support systems

In the What Matters To Me series, a Generation T honouree describes what they do, why they do it, and why it matters

Martine Ho is the creative director of Sunnies Studios, known for selling stylish eyewear at affordable prices. The company has extended the same principle to the beauty market with its Sunnies Face make-up range, and has even branched out into F&B with Sunnies Cafe.

Here, she describes her work in her own words.

When starting any business or brand, the greatest barrier is creating a product that answers a gap in the market. For sunglasses and prescription glasses, no brand existed in the world that had the styles we wanted at a price that was truly inclusive. For beauty, the products we loved were always with an insane luxury brand mark-up, so we wanted to create cosmetics that could compete on a global luxury scale but again with inclusive pricing. We apply this value to every concept we develop.

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We have learned that building a brand takes careful consideration and that over marketing and a good story, the actual product needs to speak for itself. Above all, we pride ourselves on the products we develop.


I have an amazing support system of business partners, family, and friends, and a husband who listens with open ears when I need to offload some stress. When I’m facing a hurdle, I’ll take a CBD bath or go to the gym to clear my head and come back to it.

If I weren’t part of Sunnies Studios, I would have created my own line of basics or still been involved with a clothing or beauty brand in the US.

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Knowing that Sunnies employs over 750 people and that decisions we make as a team create jobs and livelihoods in the country—this always keeps me motivated. And also making Sunnies a truly global brand.

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