How glamour is defined is often misinterpreted and its concept misunderstood. To be glamorous is associated with, for most people, being over the top, loud and glitzy. However, this is actually not how the word is defined. To be glamorous, is far from tacky. It is, in fact, when someone is able to balance sophistication with pizzazz. Let's see what these 8 ladies have to share with us:

Vicky Zubiri

Ever since I was a little girl my mother never allowed me to go anywhere unless I was very well dressed and looking good. Even just to go to school and specially to church on Sundays, she always made sure I looked elegant, classy, and confident. That was part of my growing up and I have learned a lot from her lessons. This is the same way I have raised my daughters Stephanie and Bea. Glamour is not about what you wear or how you look, it's about having that certain confidence to face any situation with style and grace.

Zelda Kienle

Glamour is a special striking and magical quality of a person or an event. A glamourous woman is someone who is fascinating. To me, she is confident, natural and effortlessly attractive. She is beautiful inside and out.

Linda Ley

Glamour to me is all about the aura. It's the charisma that comes from looking good and feeling confident about yourself. Yes, a curated selection of clothes, shoes and accessories can definitely add to one's glamour. But at the end of the day, nothing is more glamorous than a beautiful, genuine smile.

Cris Albert

To me glamour is all about values. If you are a good and genuine person who loves life, that will show on the outside. There are no rules nor processes involved. Just the real you.

Tina Cuevas

Glamour to me is about being fascinating, magical, charming, and all things beautiful. In terms of being a glamorous person, he or she would be someone who lives a very exciting life, dresses elegantly, and has grace and poise in every occasion. Most importantly a glamourous person is someone who has a kind heart.

Vicki Belo  

For me being glamorous is to possess a certain quality of grace and beauty. It's that sparkle that makes someone appealing and special. When you have this X factor you naturally enchant and mystify people. It's not something you create, I think that people just have it or they don't. When you do have it, you are naturally attractive and alluring, no matter what you wear, you can magically stand out.

Sofia Elizalde 

Glamour to me is about confidence and maturity. It's knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself. Some of the most glamorous woman I know are in their 40s and above. They have charm, style and elegance in everything they do.

Kathy Yap Huang

People usually think of glamour as coiffed hair, perfectly manicured nails, and a great outfit. While this is not false, I believe that real glamour comes from the inside. It is a quiet confidence, where a woman knows her worth, and it shows by how she carries herself. A glamorous woman looks just as appealing in jeans and a t-shirt as she does in an evening gown.

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