Wan Farah Diyana Fusil and Amir Faris Abdul Latiff wowed their guests by putting together a spectacular wedding reception not to be forgotten.

Guests including Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Naseer Ibrahim and Nur Izzati Khairudin came dressed in their best, from exquisite evening gowns to elegant baju kurung for the ladies whereas the men were mostly clad in their suits with some who came in the traditional baju melayu.

Many were also seen extending their congratulatory greetings to the bride’s parents, Datuk Wan Fusil Wan Mahmood and Datin Jude Khadijah, who were just too happy to share this memorable occasion with everyone.

Everyone was all ears when the bride’s sister, the beautiful Natasha as well as her father Datuk Wan Fusil went up the stage to deliver their speeches. Emotions filled the air as the two gave such heartfelt speeches, even the bride was seen tearing up. All in all, it was a beautiful wedding planned to perfection.