When Arif Zikri Azizi laid eyes on Zaida Ibrahim over lunch with mutual friends, he was smitten but maintained his cool. Even though he had her phone number, it was Zaida who first contacted him, seeking for his help when her juicer broke down, on the day her juice brand, Impressed, was launched, which explained their quirky wedding Instagram hashtag #brokenjuicer.

Zaida and Arif took six months to plan their four wedding ceremonies, which began with the akad nikah, the ceremony in Bali, Arif ’s reception and a Penang ceremony. Tears of joy were shed by the newly-wedded Zaida, who was captivating in a lace and beaded Farah Khan Bridal gown, in a celebration that both she and her groom described as the most memorable of all, which was filled with the joy and laughter of their loved ones.