The restaurateur that has been changing the way we dine out shares her thoughts on what luxury really means in the world of food

“Luxury is in the details,” says Yenn Wong, the restaurateur who built the JIA Group empire. With restaurants such as Aberdeen Street Social, Chachawan, 22 Ships and Meen & Rice under her belt, Wong certainly is au fait with what works in a city as notoriously fickle as Hong Kong – and her astute observation of what the modern definition of luxury can be certainly hit the mark.

The all-new is #RedefiningLuxury, and we asked some of society’s trailblazers and tastemakers for their thoughts on the site, their definition of luxury, and an insight into their individual passions and areas of expertise. Their thoughts are part of the #WeAreHongKongTatler campaign, which focuses on 12 unique individuals in Hong Kong society.

We asked Wong to be part of the #WeAreHongKongTatler campaign (along with husband Alan Lo) not only because she’s a trailblazer in the hospitality scene, but because she has an understanding of what people want. We’re now all about paying respect to the local culture, she says, and focusing on what we can be proud of. 

“We love to eat, and we live to eat,” she adds, summarising all of us at Hong Kong Tatler with one short and snappy soundbite.

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Videography by Tyrone Wu
Photography by CrazyRouge