The young trailblazer making ripples in the world of art shares his views on how a new generation is connecting with culture

“Art is everywhere around us. It has the power to make us see things differently,” says Alex Errera, the founder of The New Circle and online exhibition platform Artshare. He represents exactly the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that we want to highlight and support through our own magazine and website.

And speaking of seeing things differently, you may have noticed that has received a complete makeover. In celebration of the all-new look, we asked some of society’s trailblazers and tastemakers for their thoughts on the site, their definition of luxury, and an insight into their individual passions and areas of expertise. Their thoughts are part of the #WeAreHongKongTatler campaign, which focuses on 12 unique individuals in Hong Kong society.

Inviting us into the Artshare offices, Errera spoke eloquently about the connection between art and the world, and how Hong Kong is one of the most exciting places in the world to collect and enjoy art. We love it, too – our new and improved Arts & Culture section will take you into the latest exhibitions and gallery openings, from the big players to the up-and-coming non-profits.

Keep an eye out as we release one new video each day over the next week, each time featuring a different tastemaker, to celebrate the relaunch of

Jaime Ku Alan Lo | Douglas Young | Helen Ma | Feiping Chang | Shirley Hiranand & Reyna Harilela | Alex ErreraYenn Wong | Arthur de Villepin & Thibault Pontallier | Benedict Ku ... #WeAreHongKongTatler

Videography by Tyrone Wu
Photography by CrazyRouge

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