This serial entrepreneur sees life as a journey, one that consists of daily pursuit of happiness. Hear our April issue cover star talk about his take on the future.

Of all of the goals Joel Neoh has in his list, pursuing happiness for himself and the people around him is at the top.

Granted, people on the outside looking in would assume that the serial entrepreneur is already at the peak of happiness, having founded and built many successful startups since his early 20s.


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From steering the ship at Groupon, KFit and now Fave, the cyclical nature of his journey has been covered in the media extensively. But only those closest to this e-commerce entrepreneur are aware that he is always mentally investing in himself to bring happiness and purpose to the people around him and beyond.

Here is Joel Neoh, in his own words:

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Joel Neoh is pictured in his office with

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Yeoh Chen Chow, co-founder of Fave, wearing Richard Mille watches.

Video: Area51 Studios
Photography: Kim Mun

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