On top of life-altering adjustments such as serious sleep deprivation and breastfeeding pain that motherhood brings, these first-time mothers also have to learn to navigate the judgemental corridor that is social media.

In a social climate infiltrated by the Instagram-happy, Pinterest-perfect culture, raising a family now comes with a different set of struggles. And the struggle is especially real for new mothers. Leading up to Mother's Day, we have gathered a group of women – all of them experiencing motherhood for the first time – to share their stories in the Malaysia Tatler's May 2018 issue.

Graciously, they open up about the ups and downs as they transition into modern-day maternity. But even at their most vulnerable, their joy and adoration for their children are not lost on us.

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For an insight into their mother-child bond, check out an excerpt of the photoshoot and interview below:

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Photographer: Brian Fang/M8 Studio

Art Direction: Liew Chiaw Ching

Videographer: Dean Shaari

Writers: Tan Xi Voon and Rachel Ng

Outfits: Fendi on Toh Su Quinn; Junior Lookbook on all children

Makeup: Delvin Tan using Shiseido on Alia Ibrahim Hussein and Melissa Seow

Hair: Mieko Toma from Number76 Hair Saloon for Shiseido Professional on Alia Ibrahim Hussein and Melissa Seow


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