Zaida Ibrahim has a lot going for her this year. Hear from our 'Woman on the Rise' winner how she is rising above the waves of her metamorphosis to reach new heights as a stronger, better and wiser human being. 

Zaida Ibrahim walked into the room looking the glowing vision of long, toned legs and a cascading waterfall of black, wavy hair.

A short conversation is all it takes to be acquainted with the rest of her – the intelligent and highly alert eyes, strong squared shoulders emanating confidence and warm genuine smile that further lights up her golden olive skin. Match that with a bold, unwavering resilience and quiet strength, there isn’t a more picture perfect personification of our inaugural Woman on the Rise awardee.

Zaida has a lot going for her this year. After making waves in the cold-pressed juice business with her brand Impressed and building the grounds for construction and interior design company Citra Gigih, she also recently became a wife and mother. She isn't intending on stopping anytime soon as plans are well in place to bring in a beauty brand holding company in the next few months.

The youngest child of Tan Sri Ibrahim Saad and Puan Sri Zainab Abdul Kader is breaking every imaginable mould of the youngest being the most pampered, lining up her achievements in a neat row while she eyes the next goal with focus, determination and a fierce independence.

Watch the video above to hear from Zaida herself how she is rises above the waves of her metamorphosis and how she’s embracing these changes to reach each new height as a stronger, better and wiser human being.

Photography & Styling: Allan Casal
Photography assistant: Shaffiq Farhan
Video: SkyAds Productions
Makeup: Zamri Zainol using Lancôme
Hair: Albert Nico

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