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An affordable fashion line made of recycled materials, Everybody & Everyone will plant one tree for every piece sold

Veronica Chou, daughter of billionaire textile and fashion tycoon Silas Chou, is launching her own eco-friendly clothing and accessories line Everybody & Everyone

Her latest project comes on the heels of her previous role as the director of Karl Lagerfeld Greater China. Success in the fashion industry comes naturally to Veronica's family. Her father amassed a fortune investing in companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors

But Veronica had a wakeup call in 2012 when she successfully sold her business, Iconix Brand Group, which introduced American fashion brands to Mainland Chinese shoppers. She realised the environmental impact fashion had, which is the most polluting industry in the world after oil. 

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“It was six years ago [that] I started learning about sustainability and five years ago that I said that I needed to have a sustainable brand,” Veronica tells TechCrunch.

She then went on to invest in a series of green companies like Modern Meadow, which specialises in creating leather goods with biodegradable materials, recycled shoes manufacturer Thousand Fell and Dirty Labs, a producer of sustainable cleaning products.

Veronica followed a similar approach to her clothing collection. She tapped green companies Naadam and Ecoalf to produce fabrics made from recycled materials including plastic, and Everybody & Everyone’s affordable pieces range from US$20 to US$300.

“Most of our fabrics are knit close to where our garments are manufactured. That is definitely reducing our carbon footprint,” Veronica says. “Our t-shirts, our socks, our packaging, our mailers, our labels, our stickers are all made from recycled materials that can be recycled again.”

Her brand is also giving back to mother earth. Veronica has collaborated with non-profit One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every Everybody & Everyone product sold.

“I started building Everybody & Everyone from the ground-up, first by getting the best team in place then by finding the right vendors, manufacturers and partners who were already making strides in the sustainability space,” Veronica says. “I wanted this brand to be for every woman, so body positivity, inclusivity and sustainability were going to be the backbone of everything we did. We then constructed the brands sustainable & technical pillars, which consist of activation, recycled, dyeing & printing, naturals done better, bio-based fibers and end use to ensure our products would minimise negative impacts. We are sustainable down to the labels sewn into each garment.”

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