The prominent fashion entrepreneur and mum to two young daughters shares her version of happy family, happy life.

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Yiu Lin and her husband snuggle up with their daughters Zara, 3, and Ava, 1

As an entrepreneur, the effervescent Ung Yiu Lin has always been known for her boundless energy and enthusiasm. Up till three years ago, Yiu Lin, was better known as the founder of ShoesShoesShoes, but today, she’s often referred to first as mother to three-year-old Zara and one-year-old Ava. Despite the new additions to her life, Yiu Lin's spirits have not wavered a bit.

If anything, the hard-hitting power woman has only upped her game in way of planning her whole day ahead. “Motherhood has taken multitasking to a different level,” the fashionable figure opened up. “Efficiency is key as well as forward-planning of each day to ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of,” she elaborated.

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In return, her driven nature has rubbed off on her children too, in that they are such ‘busy kids’, as she described. “It’s important to show your children the right values and attitudes, so yes, mama’s got to keep the fire burning!” she enthused.

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Yiu Lin's parenting style is to treat her children and speak to them like grown adults, in order to help them understand better

Avid followers of Yiu Lin on social media would be familiar with her frank and authentic motherhood moments with her two adorable daughters. Beyond the effortless bonding, Yiu Lin admits to the realities of bringing up very determined and lively children, describing it as “a truckload of patience”.

“We always speak to them like they are grown, rationale adults, which would help them to understand better,” Yiulin described, of her parent style with husband Azlan Aziz Iskandar. “Both of them have made me realise what true sacrifice and true love is. What a parent would do for their child is limitless.”  

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Shifting my priorities in life is a daily struggle, to be honest, as a person running my own business, as a mum to two, a wife and a friend. I make calls on a daily basis to see where my priorities lie for the day. You need to acknowledge what is important to you for that day, and then get your support team in for the other priorities.

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Yiu Lin and family at a winter holiday last year. Having two daughters have made h realise what true sacrifice and true love is

Marriage and motherhood has affected my entrepreneurial streak by making me more aware of the business potential of weddings and having kids! ShoesShoesShoes now carries a bridal range and also a kids range. But being a mom or part of a growing family has not made me more cautious in terms of my business approach, as I don't think that’s in an entrepreneur’s DNA.

When the going gets tough, the mantra on repeat in my head is…The tough gets going. I've always been one to rise to challenges, there’s been many ups and downs in my 10 years of running my businesses, but perseverance and a constant awareness to improve and to keep ahead of the curve has allowed me to still be relevant to this day. 

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More than words: Daddy's girl, Zara, planting a fierce and affectionate kiss on Azlan

 On the little tweaks a modern career woman can make for a quality family life, I've stressed this many times that you are nothing without your support circle. Household help, family, schools, classes... this all can be utilised to enable you to have time for other things besides the kids, like time for my husband, work, or for some me time. You don't need to be a superhero and do it all alone. 

Speaking of me time, it is usually at work. Then on other occasions, it's catch up sessions with my girlfriends, or time at the gym, or even trips away which is so good for the soul. Some mums struggle with the guilt of leaving their kids or family, but for me I don't face that so much as I'm contented with my decisions. I go by the motto that can't have everything, and whatever decisions you make, you yourself need to be at peace with it. Make yourself happy first and all else will fall in place. 

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Yiu Lin wants nothing more than a treasured lie-in with her young family to celebrate Mother's Day this year

My treasured family ritual is bedtime. Azlan and I look forward to it since it's our quality time with both kids together. They hang out in our bedroom, we play, act all goofy or dance on the bed and then have a lie-in altogether. It's the greatest feeling ever.  

Photos courtesy of Yiu Lin

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