Forget lotions and potions; the secret to great hair is the chemistry between a stylist and their client. We meet four trailblazing Hong Kong hairdressers and their well-tressed muses

Angie Ting and Roland Boutin


Photographed by Nic and Bex Gaunt

As the founder of children’s clothing and toy brands Apple Park and Organic Farm Buddies, and the mother of two young children, it’s understandable that Angie Ting doesn’t have a lot of time to herself. Yet the stylish mum is known for her perfectly put-together looks, always complete with a flawless coiffure—thanks to Roland Boutin, the co-founder and director of the BruneBlonde salon in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

Ever since she first went to Roland six years ago, Angie has never strayed. “I’m very dedicated to Roland,” she says. “He’s always on schedule, treats all his clients like VIPs and, most importantly, does amazing cuts. My hair even looks good when it starts growing out!” As someone who comes from a family of French hairdressers, Roland knows what it takes to keep his clients coming back. “Good hair is not enough—everyone expects good hair,” he explains. “To make someone a loyal follower, you have to go way above and beyond a good haircut or colour. We are a shoulder to cry on, a keeper of the darkest secrets—but ultimately, we are their hairdresser.”

 Miriam de Riu and David Gouygou


Photographed by Nic and Bex Gaunt

As the wife of Antonello De Riu, the Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong, Miriam De Riu is used to making friends wherever she goes. However, watching her and David Gouygou interact, one would think they’ve been friends for years. In fact, David, the co-founder and director of BruneBlonde, was one of Miriam’s first friends after she arrived in Hong Kong less than two years ago.

“I arrived here [in Hong Kong] one night and the next day I wanted to get my hair done,” she says in her strong Italian accent. “And it was love at first sight.” David explains that their bond goes beyond the salon. “She’s a very good friend. We have dinners together, we go dancing—it’s always fun when we’re together!” Although Miriam’s hair hasn’t changed much since her first visit, David explains, “The length is the same; we just lightened the colour a bit.” It seems that few days can go by without Miriam paying a visit, either. She says, “I don’t own shampoo at home because I come here all the time!”

Amishi Sani and Marek Wan


Photographed by Nic and Bex Gaunt

“For me, going to the hair salon is like going to visit my brother. My stylist knows everything about me,” says Amishi Sani of Marek Wan, the director of the La Biosthetique salon. “It was always my dream to be a hairdresser,” says Marek, whose career began at the age of 16. “I would style my hair every day for school. When my hair looked good, I felt good.”

Since those early days, he has mastered the craft of building confidence in people—one strand at a time. “I like going to him when I’m feeling down, because he always goes above and beyond to make me look and feel beautiful,” explains Amishi. Their relationship spans 14 years and countless shades, from blonde to jet-black and everything in-between. “Amishi’s hairstyle hasn’t changed much,” says Marek. “She likes me to work on her colour more. The only obvious change is a few white strands—I can probably tell you exactly how many!”

Audrey Savransky and  Joey Li


Photographed by Nic and Bex Gaunt

“When getting your hair done, you want to unwind, relax and not have to worry,” explains Audrey Savransky, the founder and designer of AS29 jewellery. “Thankfully with Joey, I can relax since I trust her—she always delivers.” Audrey and Joey Li, the artistic director at Alchemy by Justinpaul, first crossed paths three years ago when the former was looking to change her hairstyle drastically. “A friend of mine had this beautiful dark hair with blonde tips—and I wanted it!” Audrey explains. “And I got referred to Joey.”

Both women are artists. Although Joey’s medium is hair and Audrey’s is jewellery, the pair share a love of creativity and design, which is perhaps why they understand each other. “I think it’s crucial that you have some sort of style, a love for anything and everything beautiful,” Joey says, referring to her approach to hair. Audrey agrees. “When it comes to hair, it’s almost like Joey and I speak the same language,” she says. “She just gets it. It’s why I keep coming back.”




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