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Amidst the uncertainty, these inspiring people have gone the extra mile to support their community and curb the spread of the pandemic

Datin Vivy Yusof & Dato’ Fadzarudin Anuar

Spread the word: Fashion Valet co-founders Datin Vivy Yusof and Dato’ Fadza Anuar are currently in the thick of raising funds for their newly-launched FV COVID19 Support Fund via the crowd-funding platform, Simply Giving. At the time of writing, the duo have raised a little over RM214,000.

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A project in partnership with the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia Response & Relief Team (IMARET), Datin Vivy and her husband Dato’ Fadza have personally donated RM100,000 to the fund, which will be channeled towards helping hospitalised or quarantined patients and front-liners by providing urgently needed medical and general supplies and mobilising volunteers to assist at health facilities. 

More information can be found here.

Bryan Loo

Despite the wave of heaviness felt by Malaysian businesses following the recent movement restriction order, Bryan Loo and his team at Loob Holdings made the decision to offer 250,000 vitamin C doses as a free booster option in Tealive drinks across all outlets in Malaysia.

"In this unprecedented global climate, we’re joining in the fight against Covid-19 by pledging 250,000 free doses of Vitamin C for our takeaway and delivery customers from March 19," Bryan posted on his Instagram account. "It's the least we can do during this trying time." 

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Prof. Charles Fine & Prof. Loredana Padurean Of The Asia School of Business

Posts of support, encouragement and appreciation are blaring out strong all across social media for the healthcare workers who are toiling around the clock to treat and care for Covid-19 patients across the country. 

Amidst this solidarity, President and Dean of the Asia School of Business Professor Charles Fine and Associate Dean Professor Loredana Padurean have generously donated portable air-conditioning units and food from Picha Eats for the staff of the Communicable Disease Screening Centre and Emergency Department at Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara.

"So many of us are blessed to be able to stay safe at home. But doctors, nurses and hospital staff don’t have that luxury," shares Padurean. "They have to work in insanely stressful situations on a regular base, let alone in a pandemic. In times of crisis, it's the kindness of our neighbours and friends that matters more than anything. We hope everyone will do their job by staying home and also helping their elderly neighbours, the medical and security staff, and the small businesses next door."  

Anthony Tan

Last month, Grab CEO Anthony Tan and his team were touched by the bravery and dedication of Grab drivers who responded enthusiastically to the launch of GrabCare, a transport service dedicated specifically to ferry healthcare professionals to and from hospitals in Singapore. 

Following the launch that made headlines across Asia, the new platform that offers round-the-clock transportation services for healthcare professionals saw almost 2,000 Singaporean Grab drivers volunteering to participate in under 12 hours. 

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Datin Dian Lee

Need proof of social media's potential for positive impact? Fitness guru Datin Dian Lee is doing her part to help ease anxious minds and hearts everywhere, holding live meditation classes from today until this Friday at 9pm and streaming them via Instagram's live video function. 

Follow Datin Dian on Instagram for updates on her free meditation classes.  

Mydin Malaysia & Jaya Grocer

While the announcement of the movement restriction order sparked a flurry of panic buying in various supermarkets in the country, grocery chains like Jaya Grocer and Mydin Malaysia were quick to assure consumers that hoarding was not necessary. 

They went a step further, in fact, by opening half an hour earlier exclusively for the elderly and disabled shoppers to complete their day's grocery shopping in a safer, crowd-free environment.

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Hanna Alkaf

Worried about how this restriction order affects disadvantaged and vulnerable communities? For days, this pressing issue has been on Hanna Alkaf's mind.

Finally, with the help of several kind volunteers, the Weight Of Our Sky best-selling author launched, a platform that connects community groups, organisations and services to keep them alerted to urgent needs within their community. 

The website is open to those seeking help as well as individuals, corporations or businesses willing to help out someone else.   

To date, the Women's Aid Organisation, Mercy Malaysia, The Lost Food Project and Buku Jalanan Chow Kit are among the organisations that are already on board to help forward this #KitaJagaKita movement. 

The National Library Of Malaysia

For the next 2 weeks, Malaysians will enjoy free access to the 13.2mil e-books in the National Library's repository. Posting on its official Instagram account, the National Library encouraged all Malaysians to stay at home as much as possible and use the time to cultivate a better reading habit.  

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In a mission to make accurate information about the coronavirus available to the public, the National Library offers reading materials, updated information (available in English and Bahasa Malaysia) to readers via the same link.   

ECM Libra Foundation & Ormond Group

Thanks to the generosity of the ECM Libra Foundation and the Ormond Group (which operates Tune Hotels), medical staff of the General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur will be able to make use of free accommodation and breakfast at Tune Hotel PWTC for a period of 30 days beginning 24 March.

This charitable initiative allows medical staff who have just completed their shifts to catch up on some rest at any of the 130 rooms at the hotel without having to travel back home and report back for duty the next day. 

In addition, the ECM Libra Foundation has also committed RM500,000 to The Edge Covid-19 Equipment Fund for purchasing ventilators from Australia. 

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