We speak to the founder of Signature Communications about the perks of running your own business

Anyone who works in the public relations industry will tell you that March is often one of the busiest months of the year, making us all the more grateful to Nancy Fung who took the time to speak with us about her entrepreneurial journey to date. The founder of Signature Communications, the boutique PR agency she founded in 2009, tells us why she loves being her own boss and the importance of finding the lesson in experiences that may not go according to plan:

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I’ve spent most of my life here, it’s where my family and my closest friends are, it’s where I started my business, the city is everything to me.

When I set out to start Signature Communications, I wanted to create a boutique public relations agency that specialises in catering to the needs of companies within the luxury sector. We take pride in tailoring each event with a curated guestlist that connects our clients with their intended audience.

My proudest accomplishment is being able to develop my business and to serve my clients on my own terms, it’s a real priviledge being able to foster these relationships and making new friends along the way. 

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I actually started Signature Communications by chance while I was between jobs, I worked on a freelance project where my client required that I register my company for invoicing purposes, and Signature Communications was born.

My father is a constant source of inspiration, his warm, generous and kind attitude towards everyone in his life is one of his best traits. He always taught me to be respectful to people from all walks of life and to follow these same principles be it in my personal life or in my professional endeavours.

The perks of running your own business include being able to manage my own schedule and being able to work with like-minded clients. 

My advice to other entrepeneurs is to remember that often things don’t go according to plan but there is always a lesson to be learned from good and bad experiences. Always reflect upon these experiences and turn them into a positive for yourself or for your company. 

My end goal is never having to work for someone else.

In ten years, I would like to continue to grow my business and to diversify my client base while also being able to participate in philanthropic actvities that benefit the wider community, particularly causes that benefit disadvantaged youth and the elderly.

My words to live by are simple: “Work hard and be kind to people.”

Photography by King Fung
Special thanks to Signature Communications

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