How an idea turned into a viable business in less than a year


Photography: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler

With many beginning to question the sustainability of fast fashion, UNCVR couldn’t have come at a better time. The name of the brand comes from “uncovering your style,” and that is essentially what UNCVR's co-founders Andrea Cheng, Arnold Wong, and Ken Lui set out to achieve. 

Through a digital platform, UNCVR collects the personal style preferences of their customers such as preferred fit, colour and size to create unique profiles. The company then collates that information into one look that is delivered to the customer monthly, at a very affordable price with the freedom to cancel at any time.

By “subscribing” to UNCVR, members receive clothing each month that defies the trends and seasonality of fast-fashion. And unlike most fast fashion brands, UNCVR uses high-quality materials at a very affordable price, making it a game changer for Hong Kong.

In our latest edition of the Tatler 10, a regular column where we pose 10 questions to Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs about their businesses, we asked the co-founders of UNCVR about their proudest accomplishments and what they enjoy most about being entrepreneurs:

1)    What does Hong Kong mean to each of you?

Andrea Cheng (AC): Hong Kong is home to me. It’s where I grew up and spent most of my life. I’ve discovered so much about myself and developed some amazing friends here in this city. It’s a place that inspires me to try new things and to get outside of my comfort zone.

Ken Lui (KL): I was born here and the majority of my family are based in Hong Kong. Though I studied abroad in Canada for over 10 years, I had no doubt I would move back to this vibrant city. 

Arnold Wong (AW): I was born here but grew up in Canada. I studied and spent most of my professional career there, but I always knew I wanted to come back to Hong Kong for family and to explore new business opportunities.

2)    Summarise your business in one sentence. 

UNCVR is an online men’s subscription platform, with a focus to make men’s shopping easy, fast and convenient. 

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Andrea Cheng (Photography: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler)

3)    What is your proudest accomplishment?

Building UNCVR into a business when it was just an idea we had a year ago.

4)    What do you all love most about running your own business?

Being able to think freely and creatively and having the ability to be flexible, nimble and to execute strategies quickly. We enjoy feeling motivated and challenged every day and to build something from the ground up. If things work out, great. But if they don’t we can learn from it and move on.

5)    What advice can you each offer budding entrepreneurs? 

AC: You don’t have to everything and it’s okay to make mistakes. Stay curious, and focus on the bigger picture. 

KL: I find that it's important to be passionate about your work and daily life, and this approach is key to your success, both personally and professionally.

AW: Work hard in all aspects of your life every single day. Be optimistic, intentional and kind. Never lose sight of your vision and stay focused no matter what’s happening around you.

6)    As an entrepreneur, what do you all think sets your business apart from the competition?

All: We are different because UNCVR is a subscription-based clothing platform that focuses first on service. We want to add value to our customers’ lives by inviting them to tell us their preferences (sizing, fit, colour) and we do all the thinking for them—our stylists curate packages and deliver them right to the doorstep. 


Arnold Wong (Photography: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler)

7)    Who inspires you and why?

AC: My dad, for his incredible grit and determination. 

KL: I take my inspiration from communicating and interacting with everyone I come across, I find it interesting to be able to learn from people’s past experiences and incorporating that knowledge into my daily life.

AW: My parents—my father because of his humour, charisma and optimism and my mother because of her determination and focus to get anything done no matter what. 

8)    Looking back do you wish you had done anything differently?

AC: I think it’s important to remember that the mistakes we make allow us to develop the resilience we need to be successful in all we do.

KL: Although not every decision I’ve made in the past are correct, I would not have learned from my mistakes if I never made any.

AW: I live my life with no regrets.

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Ken Lui (Photography: Micheala Giles/Hong Kong Tatler)

9)    What’s your end goal? 

AC: My end goal is just to be happy and to look back and know that I made a positive impact in the world in some way. 

KL: Personally, to be around the ones I love every day and being able to enjoy life with passion. And professionally, to further develop my company and grow my brands to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself before retirement. 

AW: My end goal in life is to look back and be happy with all the meaningful relationships I’ve made and know that I’ve made a positive impact to the community.

10)What are your words to live by?

AC: “The only limit is yourself.” 

KL: “Live life with passion, and focus on the positive.”

AW: “Wake up with a purpose and live each day as if it’s your last.”

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