Former model and entrepreneur Angie Ting talks to us about her passion for philanthropic work

Founder of two eco-friendly brands Apple Park and Organic Farm Buddies based in San Francisco, Angie Ting started her entrepreneurial career after spending years helping her husband Ivan Ting run the family business—Kader Industrial Company Limited, a major Hong Kong-based toys manufacturer. As a mother of two, Angie decided to build a lifestyle brand around the concept of organic, environment-friendly toys free from plastics and chemicals in 2009, which has become a favourite among eco-conscious parents around the world.

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Following the success of her business, Angie felt that there's a lot more to be done to ensure a safer, better future for the younger generations. She has been a supporter of the Changing Young Lives Foundation, a charity that provides free educational and developmental programmes to help underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Mainland China to realise their full potential.

In ‘The Next Step’ series where we pose six questions to Hong Kong-based philanthropic women about their philanthropic work, we asked Angie about her milestones, what motivates her, and her current and future projects. 

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How, and when, did you first get involved in philanthropic work?

A good friend of mine, Jane Chao-Lee invited me to join the fund raising committee of Changing Young Lives Foundation in 2014. In 2015, I joined as a council member as well.

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What are the causes you care about?

Creating a better future for the young generations. To me, there is nothing more encouraging and meaningful than to see them transforming their own lives by being successful in the areas they love and are good at.

Which of your philanthropic endeavours are you most proud of?

A charity that is very close to my heart is Changing Young Lives Foundation, and I was one of the honorary co-chairs of the fundraising gala last year, which was a huge success as we raised sufficient fund to provide free classes to more than 4,000 underprivileged children in Hong Kong.

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

As a mother, I think it is important to support children to reach their full potential as they are the future leaders of Hong Kong, and it all starts from education.  

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Can you tell us what are you working on right now?

Our annual fund raising gala event will be on this Sunday on November 11. We hope the event will continue the success from last year.

What’s your next steps?

I am only in the learning process. I hope I can continue to influence our world a little in the road ahead.

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