Foodie Thanuja Ananthan shares with us how she moderates her indulgences this social season when dinner and parties galore will tempt even the most disciplined.

This December, dinner parties and social events galore will be breaking more than a few diets. We don't blame you if you succumb to the call of one extra sticky date pudding or a second helping of turkey. After all, one of the best parts about the holiday season is the food.

At the same time, we believe balance is key, a view shared also by beauty queen, model and TV personality, Thanuja Ananthan.  Like our Most Stylish Woman 2012, Marion Caunter, Thanuja believes in indulging so long as you put in equal amounts of effort later to work it off.

"I'm a big foodie and I indulge all the time," admits the lanky beauty with twinking eyes and mega-watt smile without a qualm.

 We stole 5 minutes of her time to find out how she keeps in shape in spite of her love for food.


Thanuja Ananthan at the grand opening of Tory Burch boutique in Pavilion KL

What are you looking forward to the most this festive time of year?

The holidays! It's been hectic with work. I can't wait to just sit back, relax and have a good quality time with family friends and my pets!


Is food a big part of your celebrations?

Without a doubt! I'm a big foodie. I love anything sweet and spicy!


What are some of your favourite foods from your childhood that you’re looking forward to?

My mom's grilled tapioca and black pepper chicken. Trifle pudding and ginger bread. Oh, i'm crazy about ginger bread!


As a model, how do you watch over your food intake this time of year when dinners galore are taking place?

I take the effort to up my excercise regime and run more often.


Share with us some tips you personally employ to avoid overeating in one seating.

I realise enjoying your food, taking time to taste and savour it can really prevent one from overeating. I've learned to slow down when eating. I like doing everything fast!

Thanuja and her twin sister, Anuja, at the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows 2014 gala dinner

How do you keep in shape? Share with us some of your exercise habits.

I go to Bodytone twice a week and thank God for my personal trainer, who always knows how to keep me going. I also run on days when time is a constraint and I can't visit the gym.


Do you go on and detox/cleansing diets to keep your body in tip top shape after all that rich food?

Yes I do. Every 2 weeks I go on a fruit diet for 2 days, only because I love eating so much bad food!


Do you believe in indulging every once in a while since this festive season only comes around once a year?

I indulge all the time! Life is too short! I need a chocolate fix after every meal. It's a habit from young, but I reduce the portions.


Christmas is all about the sweets – log cakes, gingerbread houses and eggnog. How would you recommend sweettooths from over-indulging?

If you are too lazy to visit the gym, put on your running shoes and just go for a run in a park nearest to you! Also, don't forget to load up on the H2O.


Late nights are also quite inevitable when dinner parties drag on longer than anticipated. How do keep yourself looking fresh when you get up in the morning after a long night?  

I slap on a hydrating masque. It works wonders!


Share with us a fitness/health motto you hold on to when temptation gets too strong.  

I don't have one! I eat as much as i want and always discipline myself to work it off after.



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