The long Deepavali weekend passed all too quickly, but not without a soiree of sarees and smiles, laughter and lenghas from all around. From family photos and open houses attended by dear friends to Diwali make-up tips, scroll on for these festive highlights as captured on social media.
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Photo 1 of 14 Photo-ready power couple Kavita Sidhu and Roberto Guiati on their way to the Valiram Deepavali celebrations at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: @kavita.sidhu/Instagram)
Photo 2 of 14 Doe-eyed beauty Rubini Sambanthan smoulders in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty eyeshadow for her Diwali 2019 look. (Photo: @rubinirubi/Instagram)
Photo 3 of 14 We can't tell which is brighter - those Diwali outfits or the smiles on Roen's and Carey's faces as they hold all they need in the palms of their hands. (Photo: @roencian/Instagram)
Photo 4 of 14 Joining in the fun are besties Ferhat Nazri and Ung Yiu Lin, dressed in their fabulously festive outfits for the occasion. (Photo: @yiulin/Instagram)
Photo 5 of 14 No matter how busy life gets, the radiant Shweta Sekhon will always find time for dear friends and light a candle together over laughter and merriment. (Photo: @shweta_sekhon_)
Photo 6 of 14 Marion Caunter and Roshan Valiram took their chance to pose in what is doubtless a popular Instagram spot within the Mandarin Oriental ballroom for the Valiram's Deepavali celebration last week. (Photo: @marioncaunter/Instagram)
Photo 7 of 14 Apshy Vimal and friends are ready to dazzle as they flash those pearly whites for the mandatory Diwali wefie. (Photo: @apshy/Instagram)
Photo 8 of 14 Wishing her followers a Happy Deepavali on Instagram, Diana Danielle ups the ante with this epic #DiwaliOOTD. (Photo: @dianadanielle/Instagram)
Photo 9 of 14 Sending all her love from her home in Alor Setar, the iridescent Vanessa Tevi Kumares strikes a pose with her parents and sister. (Photo: @vanessatevi/Instagram)
Photo 10 of 14 The simple joys are the best things in life, as new parents Aneesha Veriah and Fariz Zain prove in their first ever Deepavali with baby Harper. (Photo: @averiah/Instagram)
Photo 11 of 14 At the same open house, Dato' Simon Foong and Datin Mina Cheah sneak in a group shot with Dato' Sri Bernard Chandran and Trunan Lournard Chandran. (Photo: @simonchf/Instagram)
Photo 12 of 14 Datin Alissa Fitri and Dato' Sufian Majid had a chance to catch up with old friends Dato' Mohan Karthigasu and Datin Usha Nair at the latter couple's Deepavali open house over the weekend. (Photo: @sufiswife/Instagram)
Photo 13 of 14 Deepavali with the Valirams is a truly joyous sight to behold, whether it be the lavish decor of their celebrations or the ability to fit everyone in the frame so beautifully. (Photo: @lavinamelwanivaliram/Instagram)
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