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This week: From hair styling antics and Tik Tok videos to heartfelt messages of humour, hope and togetherness, our Instagram feed boasts a flurry of upbeat moments posted by Malaysians who are determined not to be beaten in times of adversity

1. Azran Osman Rani

Why shouldn't you dress up even when working from home? Naluri's gutsy CEO Azran Osman Rani reminds us to keep at the top of our game and stay connected even during times of crisis, adding that "social distancing does not mean cutting ourselves from human connection."     

2. Pandelela Rinong

Olympic medalist and diver Pandalela Rinong's Instagram post was a fitting shout-out of support and appreciation for all the healthcare workers who are at the front line battling the spread of Covid-19 all across the nation.  

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3. Marion Caunter and Faisal Nasimuddin

Put your frowns away, please: the ever-stylish Marion Caunter and her hubby Nasarudin Nasimuddin are here to demonstrate that a dance or two a day is sure to keep the doctor away.

4. Che Puan Juliana Evans

Doesn't this cheerful cherub put a smile on your face? Che Puan Juliana Evans is certainly making the most of the current movement restriction order, spending some quality family time with her husband Tengku Shariffudin Shah and daughter Tengku Milly.    

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5. Tunku Zain Al-Abidin

Bookish blue-blood Tunku Zain Al'-Abidin is no doubt settling into a large, comfy armchair right this moment, getting ready to conquer that titan of a reading list while working from home.   

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6. Lyn Siew

"Today I witnessed the collective yet admirable strengths of so many entrepreneurs who fought hard for the futures of their businesses, their teams and their dreams within a 28 hour window," writes Ruyi & Lyn restaurateur Lyn Siew, who insisted on a team-wide mission to finish up perishable leftovers before the movement restriction order took effect.   

7. Henry Golding

Keeping up the cheerful vibes during uncertain times, our favourite celebrity couple Henry Golding and Liv Lo have retreated to the arms of nature for some much-needed quiet and reflection.    

8. Suhaili Micheline

Barre-D and Aurora Dance School director Suhaili Micheline may have had to wind down operations during these tense times, but it hasn't stopped her from live-streaming ballet fitness workouts and other cool exercise routines for her followers on Instagram.    

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9. Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah

Ever a bastion of optimism, Tengku Zatashah recommends reading and working out to keep you busy while at home during lock-down. Already in your workout gear? Check out her Instagram for workout tips and videos! 

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10. Sherlyn Koh

Love Sherlyn Koh's latest hair-do? From the comfort of her home, the doting mum bonded with her daughter over a hair-dressing session involving bows, ribbons, funky hair clips and even...toilet paper.   

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11. Datin Vivy Yusof

Trying to finish a ton of work from home? Power mum Datin Vivy Yusof has it in the bag, as seen from this cheeky but telling snapshot. We feel you, Datin Vivy!  

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