Take a look at some of the highlights from the three-day ceremony

Feiping Chang and Lincoln Li officially tied the knot on June 17 in Capri, Italy in an extravagant three-day celebration, with family and friends gathering on the sunny island south of the Gulf of Naples to witness their union of love.

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From the welcome dinner to the seaside all-day brunch to the wedding ceremony, we take a look at some of the highlights:

Feiping Chang

Wrapping up their three-day wedding celebration, the beautiful bride posted a heartfelt message for new hubby Lincoln Li. Here's to new beginnings—congratulations Feiping and Lincoln!

René Chu

It’s all about the details. The personalised gifts for guests were so beautiful, René simply couldn’t resist taking a snap of it.

Emily Lam-Ho

Emily posed with Claudine Ying under a corridor of hanging lemon lanterns when they arrived at the welcome dinner on the first night.

Antonia Li

After Jonathan Cheung and Ivan Pun’s brilliant toasts, bridesmaid Antonia grabbed a picture with them alongside bride Feiping, Caroline Li and Eleanor Lam under a lemon tree.

Jonathan Cheung

Partners in crime and in style, Jonathan and Feiping both looked exquisite against the backdrop of La Conca del Sogno for the all-day brunch on the second day.

Stephnie Shek

To fit the Sorrentine Peninsula vibe and adhere to the Amalfic chic dress code, Feiping, Stephnie, Lucy Fung and Jasmine Chung all dressed in florals and prints.

Eleanor Lam

Eleanor posted a photo of Feiping with her bridesmaids all wearing Self Portrait dresses with the bride in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.

Tina Leung

There really are too many people to tag, as Tina pointed out in her photo, with over 40 guests in attendance sitting on the steps outside the wedding venue alongside the newlyweds.

Loui Lim

The sunset in Capri is like no other, so it was only appropriate for Loui to take a picture against the champagne coloured sky in his matching attire.

Olivia Croucher Buckingham

Being a bridesmaid is no easy task and Olivia honoured the completion of her bridesmaid duties with a celebratory photo at the end of the ceremony.

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