Cover Photo: Artu Nepomuceno

Lifestyle Blogger Camille Co-Koro shares her perspective on being called an influencer and why she prefers the term 'content creator', among other interesting topics culled from our recent episode of Tatler Talks

Lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Camille Co-Koro, who is also Tatler's cover girl this October, joined our host, Stephanie Zubiri for Tatler Talks last 12 October 2020. The content creator also shared stories from her childhood along with her opinion about being called an influencer, and her experiences in the industry.

"It was such a huge surprise when I found out that they wanted me to be on the cover," she shared when asked about being on the cover story. The photos were shot within the walls of her home, with photographer Artu Nepomuceno, stylist Meg Manzano, makeup-artist Gela Laurel, and the Bvlgari team.

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She also expressed her admiration for a few Filipino personalities included in Asia's Most Stylish list, stating that she feels honoured to be included among other stellar personalities. "We always see each other at events. I appreciate everyone and I really look up to a lot of these people that are part of the list as well, which then makes me feel more flattered to be part of the list," she added.

Throughout the interview, Camille shared a few stories with Stephanie, unfurling her innate passion and dedication to fashion. She would gaze at her mom as she dressed up. During class, she would draw princess dresses at the back of her notebook. It was clear that since childhood, she always had an understanding of the variations of style.

"I refused to walk down the aisle because one glove was missing. I didn't feel complete without my glove," she told Stephanie, sharing her experience as a flower girl during a wedding.

Until today, Camille remains fastidious when it comes to choosing and pairing outfits. She has done the same since she first started posting photos to flaunt her designs. Soon, she started producing photos of herself, dressed in clothes both from mid to high luxurious designers and brands.

Apart from her husband Joni, she takes inspiration from other people. She acknowledged style icons — designers, editors, or actors — that she openly admires namely Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, Coco Chanel, and the list goes on. Like her diverse list of fashion inspirations, her outfits are also a display of her diverse taste.


Camille's prowess for fashion and social media had been unmistakably evident during the interview, mainly when discussing her responsibility as an influencer.

Although her followers consistently increase by the day, she expressed her hesitance when it comes to being branded as an influencer. "I think a lot of people tend to forget that the term influencer is actually more of a marketing term—it's more of like what agencies and brands used to refer us. But for me, [influencer] is not really something I'm comfortable with." She revealed, "I'm comfortable enough to call myself a content creator. Because I feel like if I call myself an influencer then I lose my authenticity."

She also acknowledged the responsibility that comes with her job. With this, she ensures that she scrupulously checks what she shares with her 561,000 followers. 

She also mentioned how most people "trap [her] into a certain stereotype" as an influencer. She hopes that people would soon look beyond the glamour and pleasures of travelling. It requires patience and tenacity to overcome mishaps, just like the one that occurred during Halloween in NY Fashion Week, which they deftly managed. On her way to a presentation, wearing satin in vibrant shades of purple and red, rain began to pour. Thankfully, her husband Joni covered her with his coat to prevent raindrops from staining her clothes. She also mentioned how time-consuming Tiktoks can be.

But even then, Camille is undeterred by these circumstances as she seems to enjoy her job. "I think that [my job] suits my personality well because I'm not the type who would want to stay put so I love that it always gives me new challenges, always allows me to make these news experiences, meet new people, learn new things because fashion always evolves...and social media always changes," she added.


Nearing the end of the conversation, Camille Co-Koro was asked about her favourite part about being a fashion icon. After humbly refusing to be called as such, Camille added that she was just happy to express herself through fashion, a job she genuinely enjoys.

Regardless of having numerous collaborations with famous brands in the past, Camille's enthusiasm never falters as she meets new people and revels in the (not so) once-in-a-lifetime experience. She still feels excited as most fans would be when mentioned by their most loved brands.

Although Camille does her best to endure and overcome difficulties that come with the job — like experiencing burnout and learning to say "no" — at the end of the day, she acknowledges her audience. At the end of the talk, she encouraged her audience to take a break if and when they need to — proving yet again her genuine appreciation to her fans. 

Rewatch the whole event below: