We sought out our former cover ladies to find out what they are doing now

Lily O'Boyle

What has happened and changed in the last ten years? Too many to enumerate so I’m going to gloss over the highlights. I’d like to say that my various cultural and humanitarian involvements have borne fruit only to face many challenges during the last political administration and the pandemic.

The pandemic was certainly a wake-up call to focus on what’s important and hold on to what’s dear. [Happily], my family grew by leaps and bounds! I made a wise decision to move to a more child-friendly community a stone’s throw from the ocean. The summers when we all get together as a family have been great fun. Here, I am with two of my 11 grandchildren. Life is good and I am eternally grateful.

Mai Cojuangco

In my constantly evolving life, I finally found and moved to a new apartment in Florence, Italy where I now live with my 12-year-old daughter. That, especially, has kept me very busy the last few months, between all the documentation, logistics, packing and such.

I foresee going through even more changes and life adjustments in the next few months. I am working towards further expanding my brand, maintaining the excellence and sustainability in the products I make and contributing more towards communities close to me. Hopefully, I would like to be able to come home often once things improve, as I would love to learn even more on how I can maximise working with all the beauty and craftsmanship our country has to offer.

Jackie Ejercito

I have been busy taking care of my three sons—Manu, Jack and Luis—and my parents too. We bond every day. I have also been planning two exciting projects for early next year. One is the book about my mum: it’s a biography of her life. It will be like a long letter to her grandchildren. The next is a documentary about my dad’s life which will be shown on the over-the-top (OTT) channels.

Dominique Cojuangco

I’m currently focusing my energy on The Collective, a multi-brand, e-commerce beauty platform that I launched last May 2021. I have also started building my investment portfolio and currently have interests in two leading F&B companies. I am trying to put everything I have learnt from Istituto Marangoni, FIDM and Benefit Cosmetics to good use to create as many jobs as I can and lend support to our fellow countrymen who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Loida Nicolas Lewis

In 2020, I campaigned heavily for US President Joe Biden by organising a national “Filipino-Americans for Biden” network. I’ve also led an intimate fundraiser to benefit nonpartisan voter registration efforts for the Philippine elections this 2022.

More recently, I hosted a reunion for the Board of Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) at the East Hampton home of Ron and Sheila Marcelo. This was attended by fellow Filipino-American philanthropists. I continue to meet with and support members of the Filipino-American community for common advocacies and philanthropic activities.

This story was originally published on Tatler Philippines' September 2021 issue. Download it on Magzter for free.