This Valentine's Day, we invited couples from the Tatler community to take part in a challenge to find out just how well they know each other—from favourite pizza toppings to biggest pet peeves to how they met and fell in love

Are Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill Hong Kong's coolest couple? Probably. She's a modern feng shui master with impeccable fashion sense, and he's an incredibly talented artist whose works present deeply complex geometric abstraction. 

It's clear they encourage each other creatively while keeping each other grounded, and there's no doubt they complement each other's quirks and edgy sense of style—from Thierry's rainbow wardrobe to Peter's affinity for all things vintage.  But most importantly, they share a truly special bond that has taken them from college sweethearts to married with three adorable chihuahuas—or "chowhuahuas" as Thierry has dubbed them on Instagram. 

Watch Thierry and Peter take our couples' challenge below to find out what grinds Peter's gears, who Thierry's hero is and so much more. 

Above Video: Kenneth Chan/Hong Kong Tatler