Cover Test your knowledge of the Tatler community (Illustrations by Stephen Collins)

Have you been paying attention? While parties in Hong Kong are at a standstill, test your knowledge of the Tatler community to see how in the loop you really are

1. Which Park Avenue darling is tying the knot with her financier beau, Greg, this year?

a) Claudia Cheng

b) Dara Huang

c) Beatrice Ho


2. For their company’s ten-year anniversary, who threw a James Bond Casino Royale-themed party at Rosewood Hong Kong?

a) Marisa Yiu for Design Trust

b) Wesley Ng for Casetify

c) Dee Poon for Esquel


3. Which Tatler tycoon is building an innovation hub in the metaverse with The Sandbox this year?

a) Adrian Cheng

b) Peter Woo

c) Aron Harilela


4. Which Tatler friend graced our November 2021 cover?

a) Veronica Chou

b) Eleanor Lam

c) Suhanya Raffel


5. Who was awarded Most Eligible Bachelor at the 2003 Tatler Ball?

a) Ronald Kwok

b) Leonard Chao

c) André Fu


6. Which high-profile entrepreneur affectionately calls her husband Bear?

a) Victoria Tang-Owen

b) Jennifer Yu-Cheng

c) Emily Lam-Ho

7. Which entrepreneur recently received US$130 million funding from Animoca’s Yat Siu?

a) Eric Fok, Hong Kong Football Association

b) Manav Gupta, Brinc

c) Danny Yeung, Prenetics


8. Which socialite is so obsessed with K-pop that she has hosted parties themed around its bands?

a) Feiping Chang

b) Colleen Yu Fung

c) Carina Lau


9. Which ritzy members-only club in Hong Kong contains artwork from the private collection of Sir David Tang?

a) Soho House

b) China Club

c) Carlyle & Co


10. Which Victoria Peak mansion resident has a state-of-the-art recording studio in their home?

a) James Louey

b) Calvin Lo

c) Kevin Ma

11. Who nabbed the top spot on Forbes’ 2021 list of Hong Kong’s richest tycoons, with an estimated net worth of US$35.4 billion?

a) Li Ka-shing

b) Kwong Siu-hing

c) Harry Banga


12. Which horse racing aficionado owns a champion horse named Beauty Generation?

a) Patrick Kwok

b) Ronald Arculli

c) Bryant Lu


1.C | 2.B | 3.A | 4.C | 5.A | 6.C | 7.B | 8.A | 9.B | 10.A | 11.A | 12.A 

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