Mothers make sacrifices for us all the time—from making sure we never go hungry, to giving up their free time whenever we need them. This Mother's Day, four society kids share a memory with their mother that has touched them, and what they are most thankful to mummy dearest for.

"The most memorable thing my mum has done for me is to give me a younger brother. Without him, I think my life would have been vastly different and I am most thankful for my trusty companion, Attlee Ng, that my mum so kindly gave to me because she wanted my brother and I to have each other to count on, even if my parents are no longer around one day."

—Vanessa Ng

"Choosing just one memorable thing is so difficult and nearly impossible to do, but one of the most memorable things my mum has done for me—for as long as I can remember, and even until today—is that despite her busy schedule (mum’s a workaholic), she has ensured that I’ve always had breakfast to eat, no matter how early I leave the house in the morning.

From scouring the island for the nicest pastries for me to try, to waking up even earlier to prepare breakfast for me, I’d always leave for school with a full belly. Even now as I leave home for work, my belly still remains full every single morning, and I cannot thank her enough for that."

—Dominic Liew

"One of my most unforgettable memories of my mum was when I broke my ankle while training in Hong Kong. She dropped her work and flew all the way to Hong Kong within the next hour to accompany me to the hospital, which really touched me because she was there for me when I needed her. My mother is an incredibly thoughtful and caring woman, and I’m very thankful that she always puts me and my needs first no matter what."

—Sabrina Ho

"I was invited to take part in a China Central Television (CCTV) production last November, to showcase my Mandarin-speaking skills. It was a little last-minute, so we had to scramble to organise the trip. My mother, who is such a gem, quite literally dropped everything to come with me, and her being there made the entire experience all the more unforgettable.

It happened again this January, when my sister and I were invited to perform at a televised Chinese New Year concert. The stakes were even higher for her this time: she is on the board of UN Women, and is a huge part of setting up Straits Clan, and had meetings for both that week. And yet, without hesitation, she agreed to come with us.

My mother makes sacrifices like these all the time, and too often, I take them for granted. This Mother’s Day, I think I am really beginning to realise how extraordinarily selfless she is. Truly, she’s the world’s best mom!"

—Happy Rogers

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