In the final part of our series on sister teams, we speak to charitable sisters Apshy and Aishy Vimal.

You’ve probably heard of the Vimal
sisters given their success in managing to raise an impressive RM101,000 for charity. They have also in the past, organised three successful flash mobs to highlight the problems adolescent girls in third world countries experience, from poverty to arranged marriages.  

Driven by their compassionate hearts, these are the girls who despite their young ages have managed to stop society in their tracks. We got to know a little bit more about them and their drive to succeed and help others. 

At present, the older of the two, Apshy is currently pursuing a liberal arts degree while the younger Aishy has just started college. 

And in regards to their passion for helping others, the girls say that it’s the result of observing their parents at work. One could even call this leading by example. 

“Our parents never said that we absolutely had to help others. They never forced it on us.  But having said that, they however, do occasionally have heart to heart talks with us about the topic. They tell us that not everyone is so fortunate to be blessed with what we have and that it would be nice to give back to the world,” explains Apshy in an optimistic tone.  

To this, Aishy concludes with a shy smile, “I guess you could say that helping others is sort of in our blood.” 

This article originally appeared in Malaysia Tatler's December 2013 issue (click here to subscribe to a digital version).

Photography: Allan Casal; Fashion styling: Azza Arif

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