The deputy chairman announced the group-wide Plastic Awareness Campaign, which aims to reduce consumption of single-use plastic by half across all of the group’s business lines over the next five years

“Plastic has brought unrivalled convenience to our lives. We recognise its merits, more importantly, we urge proper use, recycling and responsible disposal. At Sino, sustainability is integral to our business and operations," said deputy chairman of Sino Group Daryl Ng when he addressed the crowd gathered at a press conference yesterday.

The purpose of the event was to announce Sino Group’s group-wide Plastic Awareness Campaign, which pledges to reduce the property company's consumption of single-use plastic across all of its business lines by 50% by 2022 (from 2017 levels of use).

Since January 2017, Sino Group has had a number of projects in action including signing the Green Bottle Charter to reduce the group’s use of plastic.

The charter is organised by Green Earth, a local charity that promotes resource conservation and zero-waste living. Since then, Sino Group has launched a range of its own initiatives that adhere to the three pillars of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".

Sino Group’s move towards a more ecologically responsible and sustainable future has garnered support from both the government and reputable green partners, including the likes of the Environmental Protection Department and the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong

Another supporter of Sino Group's eco-conscious efforts is Yolanda Choy-Tang, an avid advocate for reducing the use of plastic and co-founder of Eco Drive, a volunteer group that advocates sustainable living and supports environmental NGOs. Choy and fellow Eco Drive co-founders and members, including Emily Lam-Ho and Tansy Lau-Tom, showed their support at yesterday's press conference.

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