Angland, who was left a quadriplegic after a tragic jockey accident in November, says the Kwoks' contribution will be put in trusts for his three children

The Kwok family, widely known as one of the city’s most prominent horse racing aficionados, has donated A$1 million [HK$5.2 million] to injured Australian jockey Tye Angland. 

Last November, Angland suffered career-ending spinal injuries after a tragic jockey accident in Hong Kong, leaving him a quadriplegic.

Simon and Eleanor Kwok announced their contribution at their dinner on Wednesday celebrating their prized galloper Beauty Generation.

The Tatler listers presented the multimillion-dollar cheque with their son Patrick, reports the South China Morning Post. Angland’s close friend and jockey champion Zac Purton was on stage to accept the donation on behalf of Angland.

In an interview with Sky Sports Radio in Australia, Angland expressed his gratitude.

“The whole family is very grateful for what the Kwok family has put together for us,” Angland said. “The million dollars is going to go into three different trusts for our children for their education and life expenses when they are a bit older, it is going to be locked away. It’s obviously going to help them out a lot.”

The former jockey has been overwhelmed with the support he’s received from the racing community, and he hopes to be a role model for people living with physical disabilities.

“I have always been a positive person and I can’t change anything now so I have to make use of what I have got,” he said. “I think your mindset is a lot stronger than a set of legs so I am going to be that positive person that I am and try and help some people along the way.”

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