She’s one of Singapore’s top doctors, a skincare specialist and a CEO. And if that weren’t enough to make Georgia Lee a cover star, her bold fashion sense certainly is. “I’m very open to quirky silhouettes. At the moment I like McQueen a lot, and also Prada and The Row by the Olsen twins. My clothes might be wild but I’m very organised in my wardrobe. Everything is categorised according to colour and length, and in alphabetical order.”

While medical professionals are some of the most admired people in society, they are not generally known for their fashion sense, something Georgia wants to change. “I’m a conformist in terms of the medical practice, but never about how I carry myself. I think what’s important is in the essence of a person,” she says. “We shouldn’t expect doctors to dress in a certain way. I always tell my young patients: ‘Don’t be afraid to be different, and let your work speak for itself.’” 

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Her top tips for working women wanting to look good? “A great stylist can help open your eyes to new styles and bolder looks that you might never have previously considered and help you see yourself in a new light. Don’t play safe. Let someone disrupt your fashion normality—you might be pleasantly surprised.” 

Georgia is also a self-confessed sneaker addict. “My collection is getting bigger and bigger, I’m totally obsessed. I’ve been buying a lot of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White collection. I like difficult-to-acquire pieces. If it’s too easy, I’m not interested!”