The stylish mum of three answers questions about the reality of parenting at home under quarantine

How has working mum Sarah Illyas been spending her days since MCO? A look at the Sri Lanka-born fashionista's Instagram reveals plenty of family wefies with her adorable kids and the occasional #OOTD.  

In between mother-son Tik Tok videos and other delightful antics, the energetic young mother of Ayaan (5), Arissa (3) and Ayden (3 months old) always leaves us in awe of how well she is juggling family life, her marriage of 7 years to entrepreneur husband Agha Babar Mazhar, and her job as head of strategic partnerships at Zalora Malaysia.

Above Sarah Illyas On Parenting At Home During MCO

"In terms of personality, my husband and I are polar opposites. But right now, our values, our faith and our vision of the bigger picture are pretty much aligned, and it's taken time for us to learn that," muses Sarah. "We might argue over what to have for dinner, but facing life's bigger decisions together is easier."

Having spent much of her pre-MCO days on maternity leave with baby Ayden, Sarah likens the hectic pace of family life before this to a race – and she's grateful for the chance to slow down for a change.

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"Even though it’s not that long ago, it feels like we never stopped to just sit down together like how we’re doing today - we were always on the go," she adds.

"Lately, I've been grateful for a lot of things – food on the table, a roof over our heads, a family, good health. But most importantly, I’m grateful for time. Right now, many of us have this once-in-a-lifetime chance to pause for a little while and really soak in the moments, not being worried about rushing to our next goal and achievement at work or in life."

"The past few weeks have helped us as a family to take a step back and really value time. It’s something we’re often running out of and we really do have a chance to embrace it more right now." 

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From sitting in on her kids' online classes to watching her husband bond with the children uninterrupted, Sarah is determined to make the most of this MCO period.   

"I see the struggles of many parents today and I know how challenging it is. Don't be too hard on yourselves. Just like our kids, we're all learning," she says. 

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