Cover Nadia Harilela and Queenie Rosita Law had a pre-birthday celebration at Aria Italian on August 7

Who wasn’t there would be the easier question. Tatler friends Nadia Harilela and Queenie Rosita Law threw a fabulous joint birthday bash on August 7

Who? Vickie Li-Kwok, Calvin Wang, Jonathan Cheung, Yvonne Fong, Ruth Chao, Antonia Li, Eleanor Lam, Harris Chan, Denise Ho and Tiffany Chan.

Where? Lunch at Italian restaurant Aria, followed by sundowners at tapas bar and club Cassio.

Here’s what you missed: On August 7, the duo invited their nearest and dearest to modern Italian eatery Aria for a bash ahead of their actual birthdays on August 12. The joint celebration had a strict dress code: bright and colourful, which lent a much-needed dose of cheer after a week drenched by thunderstorms. The decadent four-course feast was topped off with two delicious cakes, including a chocolate-flavoured one, which was gifted by Harris Chan and Michelle Kwok and designed to look like Law herself. The words “Queen of Hungary” were emblazoned on its base in a nod to her recent award of the Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit for her work championing Central and Eastern European contemporary art in Asia. After lunch, the crowd stumbled over to club and tapas bar Cassio, where DJ Av Acquilla played a sundowner set to round off a memorable day in the city.