From wearing Hermès bandanas to eating only gluten-free, organic foods, these Hong Kong dogs (many of whom made the list of Hong Kong's 30 most pampered pets) are living the good life. Get your daily dose of cute by following them on Instagram below:

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Her full name is Xiao Fung Tan, but you can call this stylish Shih-Tzu 'XF'. With Esther Sham as her human, XF is of course, just as elegant.

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This cheeky micro teacup pomeranian goes by the name of Stormy—Jasper Stormy. Elson Luk, Jasper's human and personal stylist, provides him with authentic Japanese kimonos and Hermès scarves as bandanas.

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Alby Chung's two-year-old Samoyed lives the good life, which includes sleeping on his very own Sealy Posturepedic king sized bed.

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Sad, happy, or both? It's hard to tell with that squished face but Pearl Shek's pug, Yogi, is absolutely adorable.

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Like his fashionable human Feiping Chang, Pumpkin the poodle's life is full of fun and photo shoots.

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You know you're posh when you get matching Halloween outfits with your human, and it's none other than Diana D'arenberg.

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The furbaby of Deborah and Stephen Hung, Chikita 'Chanel' Hung is a tiny chihuahua that's often seen going to events with Deborah.

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Claudine Ying's poodle lives #thepoodlife, as you can see from his stylin' ride at Whiskers 'N Paws.

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Tibetan Spaniel Oli shares his life with two other 'Tibbies', and can be seen snuggling with his human Emerald Shek and sister Stephnie Shek.

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An adopted sibling of @unimpressed_oli, Boxer gets plenty of playtime with his 'homies' and even gets regular deliveries from Pet-A-Porter.

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