Straight off from a private dinner we had in honour of this year's Generation T listers to a brief snapshot of the excitement as told by our guests on Instagram, our party was a resounding success. We've gathered a collection of all the excitement that took place at this year's Generation T list unveiling party, from delicious Henessy cocktails to a Clé de Peau Beauté claw machine and more. 

'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 53 Goh Yen Yen & Gavin Li
Photo 2 of 53 Pearl Tan
Photo 3 of 53 Geraldine Dreiser and Serina Bajaj
Photo 4 of 53 Izree Kai Haffiz, Awal Ashaari and Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo
Photo 5 of 53 Karina Grewal and Kausalya Ida
Photo 6 of 53 Chryseis Tan
Photo 7 of 53 Venice Min
Photo 8 of 53 Aneesha Veriah
Photo 9 of 53 Loo Chee Leng and Bryan Yeow
Photo 10 of 53 Angelyn Chong, Cherlyn Chong and Clairyn Chong
Photo 11 of 53 Lim Ai San and Tan Shen Wain
Photo 12 of 53 Yuki Tan, Sher-Maine Liew and Chia Ee Tan
Photo 13 of 53 Ju Nn Phang and Aaron Tey
Photo 14 of 53 Jonathan Lourdes, Mark Choo and Christian Lee
Photo 15 of 53 Koh Li Tim
Photo 16 of 53 Jonathan Yong
Photo 17 of 53 Keith Raymond and Kim Raymond
Photo 18 of 53 Aliff Hazwan and Puteri Nurul Nadirah
Photo 19 of 53 Vincent Tan and Shaine Wong
Photo 20 of 53 Naysan Munusamy, Christine Boey, Michelle Tan and Evan Loh
Photo 21 of 53 Siti Farrah Abdullah and Aiman Asmawar
Photo 22 of 53 Mah Kok Wah and Sampson Looh
Photo 23 of 53 Aaron Chin and January So
Photo 24 of 53 John-Son Oei and Jayne Kennedy
Photo 25 of 53 Brian Chan
Photo 26 of 53 Zee Avi
Photo 27 of 53 Dzameer Dzulkifli, Lee Williamson and Florence Fang
Photo 28 of 53 Raj Daswani, Marcia Yim, Jacqueline Toyad and Jerry Chun
Photo 29 of 53 Hennessy bar and pong table
Photo 30 of 53 Tai Wee Yeng, Samantha Tan, Sarah Goh and Louis Lai
Photo 31 of 53 Joseph Yeoh, Jennifer Friis, Jady Teoh and Brian Choo
Photo 32 of 53 James Yam, Sheryl Oon, Li Sheen Mah and Dion Tan
Photo 33 of 53 Diane Chia and Raja Jesrina Arshad
Photo 34 of 53 Bryan Loo, Florence Fang, Datuk Munirah Hamid, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Michele Kwok and John-Son Oei
Photo 35 of 53 Priyanka Thiruchelvam, Affendy Ali Dally, Navina Raja and Atiyah Athmat
Photo 36 of 53 Suhaili Micheline, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and Lim Siu Min
Photo 37 of 53 Ramiliya Ikhsan-Salleh and Izzana Salleh
Photo 38 of 53 The Gen T 2018 listers
Photo 39 of 53 Yong Mei Fong, Yap Po Leen and Yong Mei Ling
Photo 40 of 53 Cherry Koh and Janiss Foong
Photo 41 of 53 Sue Ngau, Lovy Beh and Liz Ng
Photo 42 of 53 John Oh and Shem Wei Bel
Photo 43 of 53 The unveiling of the Gen T listers
Photo 44 of 53 Abalone tarts served as part of the extensive canapés offering
Photo 45 of 53 Swiss Watch Gallery had IWC watches on display
Photo 46 of 53 Henry Tan mixing up Hennessy cocktails for the night
Photo 47 of 53 BMW X2 on display
Photo 48 of 53 Chryseis Tan and Lee Yin Yen
Photo 49 of 53 Jasmin Jalil
Photo 50 of 53 Chika Tatsuzawa
Photo 51 of 53 Yeoh Chen Chow, Arzumy MD, Joel Neoh
Photo 52 of 53 Jenn Low
Photo 53 of 53 Guests had fun testing out the new Samsung S9's AR Emoji feature
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