Peter Cheung, Tatler Asia's regional advisor on engagement, PR and business development, reveals the most extravagant vices that have helped him and his friends get through months at home during the pandemic

This year, we all have had to anticipate constantly changing social distancing regulations, including being stuck at home at a moment’s notice. I am always on the lookout for items that will really help enhance my time indoors and take the sting out of a quieter calendar. So, here is my luxury pandemic survival guide—the products and services that have helped me adapt to this new normal.

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Saving Face

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

After embarking on several sprees at Matchesfashion and Mr Porter during the first wave, I have stopped buying fashion. OK, I’ll admit I have put on a few extra kilos (I’m sure I’m not the only one around here). But I must say, I have been eyeing the upcoming Louis Vuitton face shield and I think it is pretty darn cool.

Call me a slave to fashion, but why not have something functional and reusable that’s also stylish? The LV face shield is moveable, can slide over your head for easy movement and the lens will also go from clear to dark with exposure to sunlight. So, in a way, it’s just really, really big sunglasses too, right? So what if it costs a rumoured US$1,000?

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Have Your Spray

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Vial

When it comes to any latest accessories, useful gadgets or paraphernalia, I turn to my friends Carol Chugani and Yuda Chan. During Covid-19, they haven’t disappointed, giving me the most effective face masks, disinfectants and sanitisers, as well as other stylish gifts. So I was not surprised when they founded Phial, a chic atomiser that fits easily into bags, purses or pockets for on-the-go germ-blasting.

Designed for one-handed use, the spray rolls up with a twist, like a lipstick, but without the need for a cap. It has a refillable glass inner tube, safe for any sanitising liquids or alcohol. I have a couple in my bag, for both sanitiser and cologne—in different colours, of course. Mixing them up could get awkward.

Learn more about Phial 


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Vispring

Duvet days have abounded this year, so splurging on an amazing mattress is absolutely justifiable. The best I have found is made by Vispring from London—anyone who has stayed in the Rosewood’s best suites will instantly recognise these mattresses, which are handmade to order, while the company manufactures all of its own springs.

Customers can choose fillings, which include South American horsehair or sheep’s wool, blended with silk, mohair, cashmere, vicuña or bamboo. Kate Middleton and David Beckham are fans. Your back will thank me.

Learn more about Vispring 

A Genie In A Lamp

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

After working more from home throughout this year, I recently found a “smart” lamp that really improves the overall lighting of my home office. The Light Cycle Morph is by Dyson and, I must say, it is impressive. It links with an app loaded with several functions, such as brightness and motion sensors. The warmth of the glow changes in step with sunlight levels throughout the day, meaning you don’t strain your eyes if working at night. 

The Dyson Light Cycle Morph is available at Dyson stores and Lane Crawford Home

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Gun Control

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Lane Crawford

I am lucky to have a mobile massage therapist who comes to my home for weekly massages. However, come the rumoured fourth wave, I can’t risk missing out on having my aches and knots ironed out. I recently received a Theragun Pro, a percussive massage gun that allows you to manage sore muscles on your own.

The device is powerful and offers different modes and attachments to address different areas of the body. It doesn’t replace a real massage but at least it is better than nothing.

Theragun Pro is available at Lane Crawford Home

The Bicycle Thief

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Above Photo: Courtesy of xyz

How many kilos have you gained during Covid? An acquaintance of mine recently commented on my weight gain (don’t we love the tough love of our dearest friends?). I never got into the whole spinning phenomenon (Lycra really isn’t my thing), but I have decided it is time to clamber into the saddle.

I prefer to work out in privacy, and have found the perfect solution in luxury spin studio XYZ’s XPIN Pod, and its XYZ On-Air streaming service that allows anyone to have the ethereal experience of a real spin class in their home. The XPIN Pop package includes the XYZ-branded Schwinn IC Classic Bike and full installation with delivery in Hong Kong... wish me luck!


Dressed To Impress

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Samsung

I have always been obsessed with keeping my clothes and wardrobe cleaned and pressed, so I was excited to hear about the Samsung AirDresser. Eliminating dust, odours, bacteria, viruses and allergens, the AirDresser keeps clothes clean and fresh, and has multiple functions, including jet steam, low-temperature gentle drying and even UV light to clean everything in your closet, including items made of silk, cashmere, leather and even fur. The machine is super sleek with a mirrored door and can be fitted in your walk-in wardrobe.

With less need for dry cleaning (costly and full of chemicals), I see it as a way to save money, my skin and the environment.

Learn more about the Samsung AirDressor

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Decadent Deliveries

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

For the usual day-to-day food deliveries, I am sure everyone has numerous apps to choose from. But sometimes only a luxury food fix will do. The most highly sought-after, mustorder weekly takeaway is the Tea Set at Tiffin by Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

They are sold out daily and require one day advanced booking, and I have had friends who could not get their hands on one calling me desperately for help.

Priced very reasonably at HK$438, the beautifully packaged tea set for two includes savoury and sweet tea delights for a civilised ceremony at home.

To order, call 25847744 or email

Go With The Roe

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Murray

Hong Kong this month comes at the perfect time. Bringing the world’s finest caviar from sustainable farms directly to your door, Nomad challenges the perception of caviar as something to be enjoyed frugally and endorses eating it generously, not just in measly mouthfuls.

So enjoy it guilt-free as caviar is low in calories, high in Omega-3s and vitamin B12, and has been associated with improving cognitive function and protecting the immune system.

Nomad Caviar can be ordered at

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