Cover Climate change isn't just a global issue, but a personal matter too

Mother Nature is biting back with nasty forms of extreme weather, calamities and threats to our health and resources. This compelled authorities spanning 3 different industries, from education, activism and consultancy, to kick into action.

Of late, we’ve been experiencing drastic weather changes in our country, from heavy downpours to unbearable heat waves. Words like ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ have become common in our daily conversations. Before earth completely gives out on us, we reached out to Khairun Nisa, Yasmin Rasyid and Marlborough College who have made it their personal and professional priorities to combat climate change.

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Khairun Zabidi

Climate Change is a symptom of human induced unsustainable developments.
Khairun Zabidi

Khairun Zabidi is a sustainability consultant at PwC Consulting. Before her time at PwC, she used to lobby at the UN Climate Change negotiations as part of an international youth caucus, and now she uses her experience to help other organisations future-proof their businesses in an eco-friendly manner.

At PwC, they believe that sustainability and businesses go hand-in-hand, and operations do play an important role in solving societal challenges. Through PwC, businesses learn about the carbon impact of their operations, and develop a carbon inventory strategy that will encourage growth within their organisation, while protecting the environment.

“We stepped into this trajectory with the discovery of our oil filled industrial revolution. While I don’t think we caused it on purpose, it is now up to us to try and put an end to it.”

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Yasmin Rasyid

I admire the outdoors and nature, even from a very young age.
Yasmin Rasyid

With more than two decades of experience in the field of environmentalism, and now a biologist by profession, Yamin Rasyid is the definition of an eco-warrior. As a child, her grandparents nurtured her love for the environment through outdoor activities and play. She found resonance with her childhood memories and great passion in caring for mother earth. In 2005, she established the EcoKnights to spread sustainable practices through community development.

“We want to enhance the mindsets of communities from various demographics to create awareness on fighting climate change,” she explains. “The end goal of these experiential skills is for Malaysians to develop sustainable practices, while cultivating love for our ecosystem.”

Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) goes back to basics by teaching their students about climate change through farming. Using the expansive 90-acre piece of land that sits on the school’s grounds, MCM has transformed the land into what is called Barton Farm. Home to a flock of free range chickens, the farm also includes a garden of organic vegetation.

Taking a fun and unique approach to teaching their students about the importance of maintaining our ecosystem, all the students are involved in the maintenance of Barton Farm. They also take turns to care for the vegetation and animals.

“The satisfaction comes from being part of the whole process, while incorporating academics and extracurricular learning,” said Alan Stevens, the school’s headmaster.

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Mother Nature will bear no difference if we continue to sit on it and merely ponder on the situation. Worldwide, temperatures will continue to increase, global warming will continue, and the risks are irreversible. The bottomline is this: no matter how big or small an effort, it will make a world of difference to the planet we live in.

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