Cover William Sin and Denise Chiew

15 exclusively invited Malaysia Tatler guests braved the traffic early in the morning to make their way to Salvatore Ferragamo’s boutique in Pavilion for an intimate launch and presentation on the brand’s new line of perfume – Tuscan Creations. As guests such as William Sin and Denise Chiew, Intan Amalina Sarit and Siti Saleha were served canapes, they were given an olfactory tour of the collection, as well as an informative demonstration by the brand representative from Luxasia. All 11 bottles caps are covered in leather with a double ton sur ton stitching and the Gancini, Ferragamo’s signature-logo, while its luxurious artistic fragrances tell the essence of Salvatore Ferragamo and Tuscany, the land that made it great. 

Photos: Khairul Imran/Malaysia Tatler


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