From a doctor and entrepreneur to a politician and business mogul, the fashion-forward femmes awarded Most Stylish Woman by Tatler's eight Asian titles are the most impressive multi-hyphenates of their countries and regions. Find out who they are and follow them for more fashion inspiration:

1. Malaysia: Datin Dian Lee

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Above Photo: Joel Lim

One of Malaysia's top property developers and mother of three, Datin Dian Lee balances the agitation of her everyday life with meditative yoga, all whilst never skipping on a perfect outfit day. With impecable tailoring paired with staple accessories, the happily married Dian radiates with simple sophistication characteristic of women in European fashion capitals. 

Follow her at @dianwithlove  

2. Hong Kong: Ming Ho-Tang 

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Above Photo: Joel Lim

Director of corporate development at Li & Fung, philanthropist and avid traveller, Ming Ho-Tang has a wardrobe that spans across three rooms of her house, which boasts a range of covetable collectibles, from rare Judith Leiber clutches to a Chanel handbag signed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Follow her at @mingyeeho

3. Singapore: Georgia Lee

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Above Photo: Joel Lim

Rules on doctors' attire go out the window when Georgia Lee, top skincare specialist in Singapore, walks into the room. She's quirky, unapologetic and certainly not afraid of taking risks when it comes to fashion. Lee keeps her McQueen's and her Prada's in the impeccable, almost manic, order you'd expect a medical specialist to keep their instruments. 

Follow her at @drgeorgialee

4. Philippines: Lucy Torres-Gomez

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Above Photo: Joel Lim

Lucy Torres-Gomez left her career in commercial modeling and television behind to make a political difference in her country and create her own community project, Truest Society, where she markets products and donates its profits to the communities of Leyte, a developing Philippino island. What she didn't put aside was her  collection of well-invested fashion pieces that make her everyday look stylish and memorable.

In line with her values, amongst her range of Dior and Oscar de la Renta, she also makes sure to support local designers, as Joe Salazar.

Follow her at @lucytgomez

5. Taiwan: Fanny Tsai

Fanny Tsai juggles two businesses, a pair of children and an active social life, a dynamic many would find completely time consuming and certainly one not to leave room for thinking about the daily ideal outfit. Tsai has the tricks to effortless style—it's in the accessories—making her one of Taiwan's most fashionable women.

Follow her at @fannytsai_byfanny

6. Thailand: Sirisopa Chulasewok

As one of the only women on the list whose profession lies within the fashion industry, Sirisopa Chulasewok is well familiarized with the shapes, colors and aesthetic that fit her body well. A self-paired Chanel skirt suit is her go-to look to attend the wide range of duties her life entails. 

Aside from running a fashion boutique, Chulasewok leads the Nara group, a chain of luxurious Thai restaurants, and has announced philanthropic plans for the future, including building Buddhist temples and improving the Thai education system. 

7. Mainland China: Natasha Lau

Natasha Lau was introduced to the fashion world at an early age, as she was given glossy magazines to flip through and was taken along to headlining catwalk shows by her mother. 

Lau pursued her interest and developed a successful career in the industry, as a model and fashion stylist, whilst still studying at world leading art school, Parsons. Her duties force her to split her time between Shanghai and New York, which may be why her fashion sense falls in the middle—very European. 

8. Indonesia: Airyn Tanu

Airyn Tanu's passion for diamonds and persistent strive for unique design has taken her a long way to where she is now - founder and COO of diamond-focused jewellery brand, Passion Jewellery. 

Tanu's exquisite taste in jewels translates onto her personal style in the form of clean simplicity and a quiet manic palette that impeccable her gems to shine even brighter.

Follow her at @airyntanu

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