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Mikhail shares with us a few music recommendations, artists to follow, and much more. Read more below:

Mikhail Schemm is the co-founder and managing director of CC: Concepts and the music director of XX XX.

Have you noticed any innovations in the field of music that have come out because of this pandemic?

The consumption of music has now changed completely since no live events can take place. Streaming and online (platforms) are now the main focus. I think it is also a nice “back to the roots” situation. Things like “online radio” will make a comeback, and there will be a focus on local talent instead of always looking to pop stars and music coming from abroad.

Name three artists you must know and follow right now.

Max Richter, best modern classical composer right now for me. I recommend his album, Sleep, for ultimate relaxation. Nu Guinea, an Italian electronic band that takes inspiration from ‘70s Italian music but has reinvented it with their own sound, which ranges from party songs to chill-by-the-beach tracks. Tarsius, my favourite local electronic band, perhaps a bit more “out there” for the regular listener but I have been following them for years now. Theirs is more dance floor-oriented music.


Any favourite alternative/ dance tracks right now?

  • Tarsius - Agos
  • DJ Python - Mas Amable (album)
  • AceMoMa - Disrupt The System

Name three excellent Filipino records that may have been overlooked.

Bong Peñera’s Bong Peñera (1978); José Maceda’s Musique Des Hautes-Terres Palawan (1990); and Joe Cruz & The Cruzettes’ Lahat Ng Araw (1976). This last one I have! The first two are very rare.

In your opinion, how does music shape one’s approach to life, if at all?

For me, music is an intrinsic part to life and accompanies [it] all the way through. There are songs that take me back to specific memories. There is music I listen to that allows me to get my mind away from a certain moment I’m in and there’s music that makes me look into the future and try to get new ideas and be creative. This is all in addition to music that complements ones’ mood. But it also shapes my approach to life as my career is built on the music and events industry!