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Eating and gifting mooncakes—the traditional Chinese dessert that dates back to the 13th century—are a highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which will be celebrated on September 13 this year. If you’re looking for a lavish spin on the traditional treat, our Tatler friends have you covered. From vegan custards to fusion sweets, we gathered six ultra-luxe mooncakes created by Hong Kong’s tastemakers

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Stellar House

Want to go big for the holiday? Order this supersize mooncake by Adrian Cheung's Cantonese restaurant. Measuring at nine inches wide and made of 12 salted egg yolks, his limited edition pastry is the largest mooncake sold in the city.

Despite its unique size, Stellar House’s mooncake features traditional ingredients—sourcing lotus seeds from Hunan and duck eggs from Guangdong—creating a sweet and savoury flavour. Each mooncake is handmade and presented in a decadent package with calligraphy designed by renowned Hong Kong columnist, Benny Li Shun-yan. Stellar House will be taking orders until the evening of the festival, or until its supply runs out.

Stellar House, 3/F, Chuang’s Enterprises Building, 382 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong; +852 3702 1882;

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Stephnie Shek, Generation T honouree and owner of trendy nail salons EightyEight and BusyBee, dreamed up an Instagram-friendly version of the holiday staple with these mini egg custard mooncakes that are presented in round, millennial-pink boxes.

Rabbits, which play a key role in Mid-Autumn Festival forkflore, are emblazoned on each lid along with meme-worthy puns like, “Love you to the moon and back.” The bite-sized desserts are available for purchase at EighyEight’s four salons throughout the city.

Eighty Eight, various locations, +852 2350 9618;

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Green Common

While mooncakes are traditionally packed with eggs and meats, Tatler Lister and environmental advocate David Yeung is offering a healthier, vegan-friendly version that has less calories, but is just as tasty.

His sustainable distribution company, Green Common, partnered with Patisserie La Lune to create a plant-based custard mooncake. Staying true to David’s eco-friendly values, his pastries contain vegan butter, blueberries and a variety of nuts as a protein-alternative, and can be ordered online.

Green Common, various locations, +852 2263 3196;

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Anne Cheung’s high-end patisserie “Jouer” means to “to play” in French. And so for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the executive chef and Tatler friend produced a clever east-meets-west dessert with her Macaron and Mooncake gift boxes. Her French cookies feature Mooncake flavours like white lotus, mung bean and custard, while her mini mooncakes contain ingredients typically found in macarons like malt and dark chocolate caramel.

Jouer, 1 Sau Wa Fong, Admiralty, Hong Kong ; +852 2528 6577;

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As the co-founder of fashion and local heritage brand G.O.D., Tatler Lister Douglas Young has always incorporated Hong Kong pride in his products. To honour the moon festival, he collaborated with longstanding bakery Tai Cheong to dream up these mini mooncake sets wrapped in stylish fabrics created by G.O.D.

Sets come in three flavours—egg custard; red bean, durian and cheese; and white lotus seed and salted egg yolk—and three colourful package designs inspired by the city. These fashionable desserts can be found at G.O.D.’s three local stores.

G.O.D., various locations, + 852 2805 1876;

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Frederic Blondeel

Chocolate lovers can get their sweet fix during the festival with this assortment of chocolate mooncakes by chocolatier Frederic Blondeel, which Tatler friend Vincy Yeung oversees.

The Belgian dessert brand first set up shop in Hong Kong six years ago, and its local offerings combine Chinese and European culinary techniques. While Blondeel’s mooncakes have a traditional crusty exterior, they are filled with quirky ingredients like gianduja and salted caramel. Gift sets range from four to 30 pieces, and are sold in customisable blue and gold boxes.

Private and corporate orders only; +852 2364 1105;

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