They attend fashion events around the world and serve on the British Fashion Council; Rachel and Michelle Yeoh grace our March 2017 cover.

From Queen Charlotte's Debutantes Ball, to the world of high-fashion, Michelle and Rachel Yeoh have come some way in a short space of time.

In London, where the twins now reside, pursuing their tertiary education, they are regular faces at fashion and society events. Rachel and Michelle also regularly attend key Fashion Weeks around the world, such as the Paris Haute Couture.

But the jet-setting isn't without cause – the duo play an important role in the British Fashion Council, serving in its advisory committee and Fashion Trust. In this role, they are part of a team that makes decisions on the allocation of grants and funds to designers, and helps to link fashion graduates with opportunities in the industry, even being involved in the Council’s revamped Fashion Awards (formerly the British Fashion Awards) in December last year.

t-0120_NEW.jpg (original size)

The twins are wearing dresses from Fendi

t-0189_NEW.jpg (original size)

Michelle wears a Burberry dress

t-0342.jpg (original size)

Rachel embraces an all-black look by Bottega Veneta

t-0041_NEW.jpg (original size)

Rachel and Michelle don looks by Gucci

t-0230.jpg (original size)

Rachel is dressed in Bally

t-0255_NEW.jpg (original size)

Michelle is wearing Versace

t-0405.jpg (original size)

The twins are dressed in Dior

Their rise in fashion predominantly began when they attended their first Chanel spring/summer fashion show in 2013. From then on, the twins’ curiosity, warm nature and open-mindedness naturally enabled them to make new acquaintances in the industry, which led to the British Fashion Council knocking on their doors. 

Despite the increasingly high-profile life, the twins are still dedicated to their education – Michelle is studying law, while Rachel is studying philosophy, politics and law.

Although they may be twins, the two have distinctly different personalities.

Rachel possesses a more laissez-faire inclination, being artistic in nature, and approaches life with an all-or-nothing attitude. She also has a live-and-let-live mentality; “she sees the best in everyone even in the most trying of times,” Michelle affirms, and “she is one the most creative people I know.”

In contrast, Michelle is the yang to Rachel’s yin, being more methodical and enduring in her thought processes. “Michelle has this amazing tenacity to see things through. Even when things get so overwhelming, she continues to pursue them,” says Rachel.

Photography: Aaron Lee of Lenswork
Styling: Andrea Kee
Hair: Garrie Bobs/Shawn Cutler
Makeup: KF Bong using Dior Make-up

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