Cover Michele Reis (Photography: Simon C/Hong Kong Tatler)

After a decade away from the spotlight, Michele is set to appear in Real Actor, a new talent show produced by acclaimed screenwriter Yu Zheng

During Michele Reis’ Tatler cover shoot in 2017, the former Miss Hong Kong said she had no plans to return to the entertainment industry since marrying tycoon Julian Hui in 2008.

“I decided to take a step back from it all and make Julian, and our home, my main focus,” said Michele, who has worked with famed directors Tsui Hark and Wong Kar-wai. “I’ve had a fulfilling career but I’m simply onto a new chapter now. A chapter that’s made up of school runs, the foundation, and the occasional social appearance.”

But in the world of show business, one can never say never. Chinese screenwriter Yu Zheng recently announced that Michele will be appearing in his new talent show Real Actor.

Yu, who produced the popular 2018 television series Story of Yanxi Palace, recently announced Michele’s comeback on WeChat. Naturally, she's playing Yang Guifei, the infamous imperial consort and one of China’s four great beauties, reports The Straits Times.

Yu uploaded a WeChat photo of the Tatler Lister in a Tang Dynasty-era costume and captioned, “Today’s Yang Guifei look is really unique and outstanding. Can’t wait to let everyone see the finished product!” Michele then commented on Yu’s post, “A very happy first time working together!”

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The reality show, which is set to premiere later this year, follows aspiring thespians in a series of acting challenges, and Chinese film stars Francis Ng and Zhang Jingchu will serve as judges.

Though her last screen appearance was a cameo in Bodyguards and Assassins alongside Donnie Yen and Leon Lai over a decade ago, the Hong Kong beauty will have no problem handling the spotlight again.

“Confidence in yourself is essential when your life and work are constantly under scrutiny. Especially as a young woman,” she told Tatler. “It can all get so distracting—the parties, the people, the frenzy around you—but what’s essential is to stay true to yourself. To stay grounded. The rest is just background noise.”

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